Working Hard. Praying Fervently.

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, another week, and not much to report on the baptism front. The font´s been dry here.

I love Ether 12:6,12: “Faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith….for if there be no faith among the children of men, God can do no miracle among them.”
We´re working hard. We´re praying fervently. And maybe this is our test. I don´t know. But we´ll keep moving forward. We´ve decided to switch neighborhoods we´ve been working in, and go to some much farther away. But other than that, there´s not much to change. I think we´re working great together, and I feel the Spirit when we teach; but the people have to make the choice for themselves.

Once this week, we went to an appointment, and spoke with one of the little kids to ask if the mom was there. The child says, “Yes,” then comes running back and says, “Mommy says to tell you she is sleeping.” That made us smile.
The laugh of the week goes to Elder Costa hands down. He´s been a great companion, and he loves to sing. And he sings good, so I like it too. During lunch at a member´s house, he left to go to the bathroom. Sitting at the table, I hear, “High on a mountaintop, a banner is unfurled, ye nations now look up (flush) it waves to all the world!” I almost died. He knows lots of hymns in English, and finished the Book of Mormon in English today. He started in July, and testifies to everybody trying to learn English, how much it’s helped him.

On Wednesday, we were a little disappointed, and we decided to eat some Acai. And holy cow, that is so good. Amazingly good. I’ve wanted more every day since.

I went on a division with the Zone Leaders on Saturday in Vitoria. One of them, Elder McDown is from Flower Mound, Texas which I think is only like thirty minutes away from ya’ll but I can´t remember.

I received mail again this week, and Aunt Jenny asked what I do for exercise, which I´ll respond to. Mostly just body weight exercises, but I have a big rubber exercise band that helps a lot as well. Some mornings, I do a set of sit-ups, read a little in the Liahona, then more sit-ups repeating until 7:00 a.m. But usually there´s more exercise and more variety. No running.

Yesterday in Gospel Principles class, we read a quote which I love, and this is only a translation: God chose a time and a place for your birth, where you would be able to learn the specific lessons that you need to do the best possible work with your talents and personality.

Just another reminder that God knows us personally, and that we are on earth to succeed in all things.

Love you all!

Elder Schenewark

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