Top 10 of the Week that Was: 9/9/2018

Coming to you a couple of days late. Here is the top 10:

10. BYU Football- I’m becoming increasingly apathetic with regards to sports. Long gone are the days of playground fun. The atmosphere is ridiculous with lots of people taking the game so seriously. I’m now a supervisor for the event staff. I learned that means I do whatever I want. But I’m there to work, and I will.

9. Date with Megan- I accompanied Megan Rowley to the Face- to face with Q. L. Cook (see #4) for a triple date with Lawson (and Andrea) and Kimball (and Aubrey). After, we went to my apartment for apple pie, ice cream and some games.

8. EQ Interviews – definitely one of the best parts of my calling. I enjoy continually meeting with my fellow quorum members in a spiritual setting to talk about life. Saturday was an EQ Super Smash Bros activity. I was absent, working the football game, but seems the activity went well, and a couple struggling elders showed up.

7. Labor Day Golf – Erin Hiatt came in from Idaho for the weekend; we had planned this outing a long time back. Philip Gebler played along with Mac, and all four of us enjoyed the perfect weather, and beautiful scenery of Spanish Fork. There are giant wind turbines nearby, and for the first time in my life, I thought they added a little to the scenery (albeit only from where we were. Driving through Spanish Fork before, I thought they were an absolute eyesore.) Philip’s sister, Rebekah Ann walked with the entire time, and viewed each shot optimistically. I was a couple over par but the last few holes was driving better than ever before. My drives on #5,6,7 went 390, 375, 360 yards right where I was aiming. Incredible.

6. Gym – I’m back. Without a car, there would be no way this is happening, so its another blessing to chalk up to the Sienna and my parents+grandparents. Working out is something I enjoy, and a great stress reliever.

5. Date with Avery – From 12-3 I helped set up signs outlining the new BYU stadium bag policy (following the NFL, only clear bags allowed) and then ran to Mapleton to pick up Avery Bishop. We went to Sub- Zero Ice Cream in Spanish Fork. I’ve wanted to try the nitrogen blasted treat for a while, but was extremely disappointed. Not with Avery though, she was very impressive with her vision and goals. Friday she heads up to Idaho for school, and I am sure will do great things.

4. Face – to – face with Quentin L. Cook – The member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles answered questions from Nauvoo along with a couple church historians, Kate Holbrook and Matt Grow. Probably the most significant statement for me came from Kate Holbrook as she related how when she does something well, she thanks the Book of Mormon. It helped me understand better how the scriptures can be applied to my life.

3. Date with Maggie – I went with Maggie Bromley to the BYU Art Museum. She is a photographer and we especially enjoyed the Pulitzer Prize winning photos being exhibited, and then had ice cream at the Creamery.

2. Class Schedule – Crazy excited for my classes this semester. School started last Tuesday. Here is the lineup: Shakespeare – Northern US Family History Research – Family and Law in American History – Family Historian’s Craft – Reason, Revelation and Politics – Writings of Isaiah. 17 credits total, all of the classes have been excellent so far. They are challenging and definitely expanding my mind.

  1. Elder Schenewark- Porter is serving where the recently returned Elder Gabriel Bicharelli now lives, and Gabriel sent some updates and a picture. Good to see both of them.


One thought on “Top 10 of the Week that Was: 9/9/2018”

  1. Hi Hunter.

    Sounds like you are doing o.k. with the golfing. As long as you are enjoying the sport, that’s all that counts.

    I also agree with the turbines–they are an eyesore and very noisy. When I go to NH an drive along the Tenney Mountain Highway, I see these things on the mountains–ugly for sure.

    I have a friend in Spanish Fork. She is actually a friend of Becky’s, as they shared children like Ben, and that’s how Becky had made a trip out there with Ben to visit her and Caleb, who has also passed away. I became April’s ” adopted aunt”. I love it. I’ve corresponded with her Mom on her blog–she is an amazing woman,and she has written many books, one of which I have and signed by her with a lovely note. April’s last name is Moody, and her son Josh has recently gone on his mission–not sure where. I think, but not sure, it is El Salvador, but this is a guess.

    I’d love having you for a date and taking me for ice cream–one of my very favorite desserts. Hope the dating scene works out for you–in due time. The right one will come along, don’t fret.

    I’m headed to the Village Club for a root beer float–mmmmm good.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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