Turning 24: July 1st-7th

Monday morning started my first day on the job at ListReports. This is the most committed I’ve ever been to a company, and I am going to work hard to make this the start of a career. There is a great opportunity to grow, and to put myself in a good spot financially. Monday we did a little bit of training and moved to our new office, a WeWork spot that just opened up. It is fantastic! Tuesday and Wednesday were much of the same, with everyone acclimating themselves to the new situation. I am joined in the office by manager Ben, and coworkers Adam Fox, Jake Mangum, Angel Lentini, Glenn Daniels, and Miller McMillen. 

Monday night for FHE we had a really fun activity where we divided into groups and played “Bigger and Better.” The game is simple: each group starts with a quarter and we go around the neighborhood bartering our way up. We had 75 minutes before we had to return and show the goods. I was skeptical at first – who would really care about helping a bunch of young adults with this on a Monday evening? Nevertheless, our group proceeded and I was shocked by the outcome. Disclaimer, nearly everyone we met knew the game. It’s apparently a Utah tradition, and one person we met even confessed to having played it only the week before. After five trades, we ended with a queen-sized air mattress. Not bad! In an effort to secure the victory, tainted that it may be, one of our group members called an aunt, and we swung by and borrowed her shop vac. Cool activity, I’d do it again. 

me, william, nicolas, maddie, and sandra. great group!


After the official ending, Jacob West and I hung out on the lawn and had some deep conversations. He’s such a good guy, and I’m lucky to know him.

Tuesday was our come follow me discussion, and Brielle brought over delicious apple muffins for us and everyone had great insights. I especially appreciated this thought: Acts 3:1-8 relates how Peter healed a man lame from birth. Its already a great story, but a new meaning was added with a closer look at verse 2. That reads, “And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple.” If he had been at the temple everyday, then he doubtless would have seen Jesus, and Christ probably had seen him. Yet, he wasn’t healed until Peter performed this miracle. Likewise, we might be waiting for a wound to heal or a trial to end, perhaps even something that feels like its been going on since birth. We must trust in God’s timing for us, and eventually we will be healed, experiencing the miracle that we need, and allowing us to leap up and praise God (vs. 8) as did this man.

Wednesday night after work my birthday celebration started, and that night I reached a new high for in chess, a 1787 rating, and successfully benchpressed 225 twice. For my birthday, I had turned down a couple 4th of July celebrations, instead planning to go to the mountains and enjoy a day of solitude meditating on where I am in life. And I did. It was wonderful! I spent the morning on Y mountain, looking down on the valley below and painting watercolors. Around noon people started to reserve their spot for fireworks, and I hightailed it out of there, returning home for lunch, and then going off to the MTC lawn to read.  That lawn too filled up, at about 7 so I left, feeling good about where I am in life, and rejuvenated. Returning home for dinner, and watching a few fireworks before calling it a night. Or trying to. There was  a lot of festivities going on, so I put on a movie and watched “Wonder,” which was heartwarming. What a wonderful day!

Friday the fifth we also had work off, and I went to Draper to play golf with Mark. He wanted to pay as a birthday present, and we had a great time playing nine at South Mountain. 

Cool cats


Next week I’m in California, and then heading to Texas (July 12th) to see my family. The Book of Job records our time in premortality, 

“when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy”

Yet, I have to wonder, did we know how wonderful this life truly would be? I think not.

There is truly so much to be grateful for. Life keeps getting better and better.

I have to echo President Ballard, “Nothing brings more joy in this life than in being involved in the work of God.”

That work is encapsulated by two things:

-serving our fellow men and bringing them to Christ

-and spending time with family, working towards creating an eternal unit.


May we do both is my hope, and I know we will have an unprecedented outpouring of happiness and contentment.

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  1. Good morning, Hunter:

    As usual, I always enjoy reading your letters and escapades. You really do a lot of things for fun and enjoying them either with friends or by yourself. It sounds like your birthday was perfect. I can’t believe you are 24. Heaven only knows where those years went.

    We’ve had some very hot weather here, and July was the hottest month ever recorded. These past few days have been fairly comfortable, but more heat is on the way. It is summer, of course, so I guess we have to expect it.

    I am planning on going to Aaron’s on Tuesday to visit with Zach and family and Rich and family. Haven’t seen them in a while, so it will be fun.

    On the 12th of August, I am going to have a shot in my back. I had an MRI which showed severe spinal stenosis. I have been going for PT which has helped a lot–especially all the stretching. My right hip was very tight, and with a special strap, the therapist has been able to stretch the hip. I had seen the doctor in Neurosurgery, and she refused to add any more PT, but we are doing it anyway. I’m not sure I like her. She didn’t want to hear anything about the past–just how I was feeling that day. She really doesn’t know what I’ve been dealing with. I will try the shot and see how that goes. She also wanted me to take 1800 mg of Advil a day–three in the morning, three mid afternoon and three at night. To me, that is much too much. Who knows what it will do to my stomach, liver, and kidneys, so I decided to take it in the morning (2) and maybe late in the day depending on how I feel. I hate taking pills to begin with. I take one for cholesterol and high blood pressure and sure would love to get off of them, but–I can’t right now.

    My garden has been very prolific. Lots of zucchini and summer squash as well as cucumbers. I think the cukes are just about finished I’ve put up 24 jars of B&B pickles, and they are good!! My next project is the piccalilli. My sweet 100 tomatoes are ripening and are delicious–just like eating candy. So nice and sweet. My other tomatoes haven’t started to ripen yet, and I will need the green ones for the piccalilli. I’ll probably wait until I get back from South Carolina. I leave for Charleston on the 17th and come back on the 23rd–Uncle David’s ship reunion. I’m looking forward to seeing all of my friends

    Well, Hunter, time for me to quickly eat and go to church. Have a great week. How was your visit to Texas? I’ll bet everyone was happy to see you.

    Lots of love,

    Aunt Shirley

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