Truly Scrumptious: Nov. 25th-Dec 1st

Monday was the LSAT. Short story: I left the test disappointed knowing that I hadn’t done as well as I wanted. Not terrible, but probably not good enough. I won’t know my official score for another week or two. The drive home was miserable, taking two hours to return from SLC where I took it due to a snowstorm that backed traffic up. Furthermore, the test was taken on a tablet and there were some technical issues that delayed the start of the exam by an hour, which for various reasons really messed with me. So there I was in a kind of sour mood, (and hungry to boot) when I arrived home and received a text from a friend who had signed up to take it at BYU. Turns out they had their own problems, and there was not enough tablets to take the test. So a significant number, including my friend, were turned away. Yes, they’ll get their money back, but are not in good shape otherwise. First, I took the day off of work to do this, and I’m sure some of them did as well. Second, some schools, like BYU, have scholarship deadlines and they won’t meet some of them now. After hearing his tale, I felt extremely grateful that I did have to drive up to the University of Utah. Perspective matters. I committed to trying harder to look for the good in every situation BEFORE I hear from the outside things that will influence my view. Furthermore, while I was Gratitude should be first. Conclusion: I am glad to have taken the test, this week has been much more relaxing having done it, but I decided that the upside significantly outweighs another $200 test fee, and will be signing up to take the next one in January.

Tuesday was work as normal, and then it felt like the holidays started. Porter brought me some books I had asked to be checked out, and I stayed up until almost 1 am reading. Because instead of having to drive to work, they told us (in part due to inclement weather) to stay at home, skype into a meeting from 10-3 and have lunch delivered to you, so you don’t miss anything in the meeting. It was different, and so, so nice. I slept in, ate a nice breakfast, skyped into the meeting and had a burger and fries from 5 Guy’s delivered. And then when the meeting ended at 3, I finally got out of my pajamas. Couldn’t do it everyday, but the change was nice!

Thursday morning (after another wonderful late night of reading) I went out and bought food for Thanksgiving. The one variable I hadn’t foreseen was that all the turkeys are sold FROZEN! I simply never thought about it. So, at 9 am instead of getting ready to cook it, I was scrambling trying to defrost the bird quickly. Everything else went well. We had:

-my famous (ok, its not famous at all, but need to hype it up a little, because it is good) stuffing. I do this in my crockpot, and it is delicious, and easy.

-green bean casserole

-cranberry sauce

-mashed potatoes



-Pies: chocolate cream, apple, pumpkin, cheesecake.

Supper was scheduled for 2, and we started eating then, and then 16 pound bird was finally ready for us at 3:20.

A couple people didn’t end up making it, so it was Nicklas and William from the ward, and Porter, Cooper, and myself.

We ate, and ate. Watched a movie. Read George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. Played Settler’s of Cataan. Life is good 🙂

Before Porter led me on some black friday shopping adventures, I went to Emily K.’s house and she taught me how to make authentic potstickers. It was a fun time, and I’ll put the new knowledge to good use. Now to black Friday. Shopping is something I dislike. Very much. Unless it’s groceries or books, it’s kind of overwhelming. I NEED to have all the information available before I buy anything. All I needed to get was a black suit, but that involved (after weeks of online research) traipsing through the crowded mall (after driving up in another blizzard) and I still left Porter and his friend Parker after 4 hours without having bought anything. We had a really good time though, and it was quite amusing to see those two loving every minute and trying on so many outfits. Porter is my fashion supervisor, as I have no idea what I’m doing, and has helped immeasurably in that regard. Now, I’m only 10 years behind what the cool people wear. After returning home, re-energizing with some more thanksgiving leftovers, I made one final stop, and mission accomplished. I now have a black suit. Not only has it been something I’ve wanted in an effort to follow the brethren, but it’ll be put to good use at Moriah’s wedding at the end of December.

After that ordeal, I helped clean the temple from 10 pm to midnight. We were at the City Center Temple, and I was asked to clean the visitor center rotunda. Every body else was actually inside the temple, and my location was not what I would have chosen, but it was AMAZING. If you’ve never been inside, this is what the rotunda looks like:

When I’ve been before, it’s always been very crowded. As I cleaned inside, it felt like the Savior truly was there. I had the opportunity, completely unbothered by time, in silence, and without any people nearby, to contemplate my relationship with my Savior.

Today, we combined with the 105th and 265th wards, as many people are still out of town. For dinner, we had rolls and turkey soup and it was great to have Cooper, Porter, Michael, Abbey, and Emily over. The night was quite enjoyable.

I asked out Lydia again, and she gently demurred, rejecting my invitation. This coming Sunday is the Christmas Devotional in Salt Lake, and in my opinion, the MOST MAGICAL EVENT EVER. So, I’ll definitely be working towards finding someone for that.

Two thoughts from this week:

First, Jacob 5 has traditionally been my least anticipated chapter in the Book of Mormon. It’s long, and I don’t usually get much out of reading it, due in part to my hurry to finish that chapter off quickly. This week, while reading it, I realized that there is a much more personal application to the master and his vineyard parable. In my life, I am the master. And the chapter outlays perfectly how to handle situations in my life where I need to either cut out or graft in friends, habits, or personal characteristics to make the vineyard productive and be prepared for the Second Coming.

Today also started the Light The World campaign,,

with a different act of service emphasized daily leading up to Christmas. I have a strong testimony of service. As I’ve read before, service exalts all, as it humbles the giver and ennobles the receiver. Service helps sanctify us, and as we are sanctified, I testify that “the Lord will do wonders among [us].” (Joshua 3:5). I encourage you to participate in this month of service, and promise that you will draw closer to our Savior and feel of his immense love as you do do.


One thought on “Truly Scrumptious: Nov. 25th-Dec 1st”

  1. Good morning,

    As usual, I always enjoy reading your letters. I’m really surprised that you got your frozen turkey thawed out and ready to cook, but it looks delicious. You are quite the cook and amaze me. Your Mom will never have to worry about you as far as food is concerned.

    You always seem to keep yourself busy, and that’s a good thing, and having fun as well.

    I went to Mom Mom’s on Thanksgiving. We had soup and rolls. I went back on Friday, and she had Thanksgiving Dinner at the community building near their home. The tables were all set very nicely and she cooked the turkey in their kitchen. Your Uncle Rich carved the bird. We also had squash, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, the strawberry/pretzel dish, creamed onions. I told her I wanted just enough turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce to make a sandwich. Well, she gave me an entire dinner. I had that for lunch on Sunday. Then yesterday, I had the rest of the potatoes and squash for lunch and the strawberry/pretzel dish last night after dinner. My fridge looks very bare right now. No lettuce for salad, bread, eggs, milk, juice. That’s about it. I do have canned soup as well as cheese, so I can make myself a grilled cheese sandwich along with tomato bisque soup, which I like.

    My knee is coming along slowly. I over exercised with stretches the other day and am paying for it. I aggravated the IT band (ileo-tibial band that runs from the hip down the outside of the left leg) and it is very painful. Just trying to lift the leg to move it onto pillows in bed is awful. I’m holding off on that exercise, but still doing the heel slide to keep the knee moving. I am getting so frustrated, because I still hurt and I really can’t do anything. I’ve decided to not decorate my apartment for Christmas. I don’t have the energy to go to storage and get my Christmas totes (maintenance would do that for me), but I have to put things away that are on top of the TV, tables, etc in order to put the decorations up, so I’ve opted not to do that. I also don’t feel like doing my Christmas letter, so that may not get done until later. We’ll see.

    We’re having lots of snow now,but not as much as in Northboro. It is snowing very lightly now. Maintenance will clean off all the cars, move them, plow the parking lot and then replace all the cars. So nice that I don’t have to do that. I also had doctor appointments today–one with the surgeon and one with my cardiologist for my blood pressure. I cancelled both and rescheduled the surgeon for next Tuesday and the cardiologist for the end of December. I’ll just stay warm and cozy today.

    I did take some pictures this morning and will try to add them to this letter, but I am not sure that I can. If not, I will post them on FB and you can see them there.

    Have a good week.

    Sending love and hugs to you and the rest of the crew when you see them.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

    PS Tried to copy a picture to the letter and couldn’t do it. You’ll have to see it on FB.

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