September 23-29: Song Sung Blue

Neil Diamond is one of the best!

The c-suite executives came out to Utah from Orange County this week. We recently expanded our office, and I moved into the new space. The plan is to continue growing, and the execs wanted to look at places around the valley where they could grow the company. My hunch is that they’ll move to Provo (which would be quite interesting) but our lease goes until June, so no changes will be happening anytime soon. The plan for a team activity had been to go axe-throwing and have dinner, but incredibly, all the axe places were booked on Wednesday already, so I suggested TopGolf.

In case the picture isn’t clear enough, (don’t worry, the window isn’t actually that dirty) this is me looking out my bedroom at roughly 150 people dancing in my backyard. Friday, I returned home at 9:00, and was surprised to find this scene. One of Spencer’s friends needed a place last minute to hold this party, and Spencer volunteered our backyard. It was funny because for the majority of the time, Tyler, Spencer, and I were all gone. And when we were back home, not one of us went outside. Just happened to happen at our place I guess. And it was over by 10:30, allowing for a nice night’s sleep.

When I said I returned home Friday at 9, I returned home from my date with Caroline. The much anticipated date. We went to the soap factory, which she was really excited for. This time, the form I chose for my soap had a baby grand piano as the motif, and Caroline went with a seashell. Alas, while everything went well, nothing went great, and we just didn’t click. I was still interested, and wanted to go out again, but was thinking she wasn’t that interested. I put it off for a few days, but hating any degree of uncertainty, on Tuesday (Oct. 1st) I asked her out again. Per my hunch, she said she wasn’t interested.

This is me, on Saturday, surprised by a flock of seagulls in Provo. I was sad things hadn’t gone as good as I hoped the day before, and after going to the gym, I decided to go golfing. It never fails to make the sun shine brighter. I enjoyed pondering for two hours, outside, alone with nature, and 14 clubs.

Everything had gone south that day. I didn’t do well on the practice LSAT, proctored at BYU that morning, and then ran straight to our EQ activity. Which also didn’t go well, with way less people attending than we had expected. I asked Jacob W. for a blessing, and he came over at night. I am so thankful for friends who care and always help. It was the longest blessing I can remember receiving, about 10 minutes. The power of the priesthood is real, and I felt rejuvenated immediately. The next day, Sunday, was wonderful. W The best way to get out of a funk is through service. There was a stake meeting from 7-8:30 am, and then I met with the Ward Council from 8:30-10 as we discussed callings and ministering assignments in the ward. Church is from 12:15-2:15, and right after that, Dillon and I set apart 5 people who had been called. That was a tender experience, and something I’m still getting used to. The fam, Tanmarie, Nora, Porter and Cooper, came over for dinner, and we had biscuits and gravy. Ironically, I almost never use/drink milk, but the last few times I’ve had Tanner over, I’ve inadvertently made meals using lots of dairy, forgetting that he can’t really eat it. Oops.

I witness that God lives, and He speaks through his servants. He has in the past, and he does so today. A few experiences to illustrate that. First, the aforementioned blessing I received from Jacob. The Spirit was so strong and bore witness to me of the truthfulness of his words. Second, I’ve brought all (or nearly so) my belongings from my parents house to Utah. Included in that haul, are my scrapbooks. Over the years, I’ve looked at them a lot – excepting the book documenting the first year of my life. That time as a baby has never interested me much, in part I think because I have no memory of it. Recently, I looked through it, and came across the blessing I received from when I was a baby. Obviously, I have absolutely no memory of that, and didn’t even know the words had been recorded. It was quite sweet to be able to read that, and hear the words, for the first time in 24 years. In that time, much of the blessing has come to pass. It fortified my testimony that God speaks through his servants. I am thankful for a father who does his best to live worthily to be able to have the Spirit with him, and is ready to bless those around him. Third, the Bishop presented a plan for the ward, and the Spirit testified to me, that it is the will of the Lord for this ward.

God lives, he loves us. He has blessed us with leaders who speak his will, and work to carry it out. We have a prophet today, President Russell M. Nelson. As we follow his counsel, we will not be led astray, but will come closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.


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  1. Good morning, Hunter,

    As always, I enjoy reading your letters. You do keep yourself busy. Sorry your date with Caroline didn’t go as expected. These things happen, but don’t be sad. One day, the right girl will come along for you. In the meantime, just enjoy your life, work hard, and have fun. You have a lot of friends which is wonderful.

    I’m sure that looking back on pictures when you were a young child is a lot of fun. I have pictures of you and Tanner somewhere in my multitude of albums. I’ll have to go through them and pull them so I can mail some to you and to Tanner. I have a couple I am going to send you shortly. I’ve just been lazy in getting them together.

    I’m doing better. It is still hard to see my friend with someone else, but it is what it is. I just don’t think he was truly honest with me and I am beginning to think that I was good for him at the time of his wife’s illness and the year plus afterwards–then he lost interest. However, I cannot dwell on that–what has happened has happened and there is no going back. But–no more relationships for me. I thought having a relationship at my age was wonderful, and it was. But I am no longer going to put myself in that position again. It isn’t worth the heartache.

    A week ago Sunday, I had company for dinner. I made a German pot roast–sauerbraten, gravy, red cabbage, potato dumplings, and green beans from my garden. My friend Helen made a delicious apple pie. There were six of us, and we had an enjoyable time. I never sat down until 8:15 that night after cleaning the kitchen and getting the dishes rinsed and into the dishwasher. Thank heavens for that machine.

    I’ll be going into the hospital on October 23rd for my knee replacement. Fortunately, I won’t have to go to rehab. I can come home with visiting nurses and therapists until I can go to out-patient therapy. I have a nice PT group in Norwood which is two miles from the house where I will go for out-patient. I do a lot of exercises now for my back which has helped immensely, and I’ve started the knee-strengthening exercises as well. I’m sure I will be fine. I’ll be on a walker for a bit and then a cane. It’ll be a little hard getting around here preparing meals, etc, but I do have stuffed peppers in my freezer and can also order take out or a service tray. I just hope I can get to the dining room sooner rather than later. I only have two people living near me at the moment. Carole is down the hall and Fran is across the hall. Fran takes care of my cat for me when I am away, so hopefully she can be a big help to me when I get home. I am sure that I will manage.

    Well, guess I had better get dressed and eat breakfast. I have knitting at 10:00, and I want to get to the post office to mail an envelope to my nephew in Florida before I do that.

    Sending love and hugs to you.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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