Sept. 28- Oct. 4: A Pearl of Great Price


Last letter, I forgot to write about one other party. I threw a “1L Law School Party,” the week before school started, and invited all of my classmates in the entering class. It was outside in my backyard and we had plenty of food and sat around in camp chairs. So much pulled pork. One of the students, Erin C., brought a delicious lemon poppyseed cake, and it was wonderful to meet each other and talk about our hopes and fears for the upcoming school year. Normally the school puts on some functions, but there were no in-person activities sponsored by the school, and those who did come to the party, were so grateful for the chance to meet one another, and most of my closest law school friendships originated from this night.

I have always loved general conference week. I do miss attending in person and seeing the great congregation of saints meet at the conference center in Salt Lake City. However, we are still blessed to hear from God’s living prophet, and that is what counts. I fondly remember playing legos and tinker toys in the church lobby during Saturday’s sessions as a kid – much has changed since then.

Towards the very end of this conference, Elder Holland referenced 1 Nephi 1:2. It’s right at the start of the Book of Mormon, literally on the first page, and I’ve read it countless times, yet he shared a new insight. Part of the verse reads,

I Nephi,…having seen many afflictions in the course of my days, nevertheless, having been highly favored of the Lord in all my days…make a record of my proceedings in my days.

As Elder Holland pointed out, we will have MANY afflictions, but we shall be blessed in ALL our days, as we follow the covenanted path. I know that is true.

This week has been one filled with no afflictions, and an exceedingly many blessings.

I’m now some 6 weeks into law school. The time has flown by. I love studying the material and learning how the law works. We had our first test, and while much remains to improve, I appreciated the feedback, and am excited to keep learning.

So far, two things seem clear. First, I need to be in a courtroom setting. I can’t imagine handling contracts and doing research without much interaction or opportunities to speak. Tanner is doing transactional law and will be focused on researching, drafting, negotiating and advising. It’s an important work and I admire those who do it. Going in, and seeing Tanner’s enthusiasm for the work led me to think it might be a good fit for me as well. 6 weeks in, I cannot imagine ever, ever doing this type of work. It holds no interest for me, and I am fascinated by courtroom arguments and litigation exploits.

Second, I have been amazed by my classmates. Given that much of our extracurricular activities that are normally so prominent in law school are non-existent, I didn’t anticipate getting so close to my fellow students. Instead, I count them among my best friends, and their ambitions and talents are truly inspiring.

Last Sunday, I delivered the poem I had written to Jules. Since then, it’s been an absolute whirlwind. Monday, she got off work at 11 pm, called, picked me up spontaneously, and we went to pick something up from someone off of KSL. It was really fun. Sometimes the best times aren’t planned. Tuesday, the plan was to play spikeball with Tyler and Eliza. Jules had a commitment though, and asked if instead, she could take me to dinner at 5 pm. Of course I agreed, and at 5 pm, sat waiting, amused at the fact that I was now on the opposite side of how it normally is, i.e. getting picked up instead of doing the picking up. 5:10 came and went, as did 5:20. Finally, she called, apologizing and letting me know that she was in Payson, had just left the temple with her family (her nephew received his endowments to leave on his mission that day) and was on her way back to Provo. And then asked if I wanted to have dinner with her family. And so it was, that at 6 pm, instead of eating at Cupbob Korean BBQ, I was at her brother’s house, meeting four of her siblings, her mom and dad, and like 10 nieces and nephews. And, it was really fun. Her family is amazing. They are obviously very close-knit, and when her dad just wanted to talk about the federal reserve, I was in my element. Of course, the trains being played with and the track being built, made me feel at home.

Wednesday September 30, I hung out and had ice cream with Jules and her sister Rachel. Then we walked Rachel home and made thank-you cards together. And, we may or may not have kissed. There are no witnesses. But someone did want to run all the way home, ecstatic at how everything has been progressing.

Thursday, Jules worked from 6:30 am – 11 pm so I called an emergency meeting of the Knights of the Hot Tub and we reunited at the Isles to catch-up after I finished up all my law school classes and homework.

Friday, she worked another extra long day, but my luck held out, as she came by at 11 pm again, and we went together for a walk around the neighborhood.

Here’s the pictures from our first date. She painted my picture, and i painted hers. Obviously, she’s much more talented in this regard.


Saturday, we had dinner at Tanmarie’s after the afternoon conference session, and then snuggled on the couch and talked from 10 to midnight after she got back from the women’s session.

And Sunday, was in Jules’ words, the best date yet. I had dinner with Porter, then met her for a walk, followed by some swinging at a park, and then we did facials, putting clay masks on, and listening to some hymns. It was sooooo relaxing and fun. In the picture, I had already started taking mine off, before she took a picture.

So, it’s been a good week.

In other news, I received an email saying that had updated my genetic dna profile. When I saw the changes, I felt ripped off, as its dramatically changed, and shows that their estimates aren’t close to being accurate. I could have given a better estimate just off of my family tree. So if you’re thinking about paying for a test, my strong recommendation would be to not waste your money on one. Here are the updated results:

52% england/northwestern europe

32% scotland

6% norway

5% sweden

5% ireland

For FHE, we played cabbage ultimate. Everyone loves this game! It’s like ultimate frisbee, but instead of a frisbee, you throw around a cabbage. Last week, we did an egg drop, from Blueridge’s balcony. In this picture, some of the eggs are being dropped. Remarkably, not a single egg cracked.

This week for book club, we started Doestevsky’s “Demons.” One of the members, John, has been having a hard time and just had a birthday so Dr. Scott and his wife had the group over for a steak dinner. I whipped up some chocolate pies for dessert, and loved the dinner. I think we all enjoyed simply conversing over the meal, instead of focusing solely on the book.

One more conference quote from Pres. Nelson:

“I am not saying that the days ahead will be easy, but I promise you that the future will be  glorious for those who are prepared, and who continue to prepare to be instruments in the Lord’s hands.”

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  1. Good morning, Hunter,

    Well, I see that you have a special girl in your life. Porter told lme when he called me last Sunday. He was on his way home from your house after eating a late lunch.

    I hope everything works out for you and Jules. She’s very cute with beautiful blonde hair. You both look sweet together. Glad you are having lots of fun. But these 11PM dates aren’t good for your sleep–you have to be sharp for school. Just remind yourself of that. I know that everything is new and exciting right now, but just remember that good sleep and your health is very important.

    I love the mud masks. Must have been funny. I haven’t had a mask facial in ages. I have stuff here that I can use but haven’t done in it ages. I have a gel that I put on my face and let dry. Then I can peel it off. Maybe I’ll do that tonight.

    I made an apple cake yesterday and also bok choy salad. I have bok choy from the garden and chopped it along with scallions. The dressing is made with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and oil. Then i saute crushed Ramen noodles, slice almonds, sesame seeds in oil with a little garlic powder. When ready to serve the salad, you put in the dressing and ramen noodle mixture. It is mighty good, and I’ll have that for lunch today along with some beets and beet greens–also from the garden. I picked the last of my peppers–some were quite small. I had 21 of them. I don’t know why the plants couldn’t be prolific during the summer because I didn’t get that many. All of a sudden, there was a burst of peppers. I had picked about 12 last week. I pulled the plants and tossed them into the woods. I just have the last of my cosmos to take out of the beds, but they are still blooming right now. It’s been wonderful to see flowers this late in the fall. The weather has been quite nice.

    Today is rather chilly but a lovely sunny crisp fall October day.

    Enjoy your day, and take care. Glad you are loving law school, too.

    Lots of love,

    Aunt Shirley

    PS Loved the art work. Jules didn’t quite get your picture right, but o.k. for first try. The one of her you did is cute, too. Have fun and enjoy.

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