Retail Stores and Dating: A Metaphor for Millenials

Last Saturday, I went to the temple in the morning as part of our ward temple trip. Afterwards, we had Zupa’s catered to us. And, in a fateful move, I picked up a leftover one to bring home.

Dad had just gotten here, and came over to my digs, checked the place out, and we headed to UVU. Tanmarie and family were just finishing rock climbing, and we went with them to the bowling alley. I’m proud to say, I was top score, with 140.

Dad and I went up to American Fork, and I met Sis. Young, and we talked with her for a couple hours, before heading back to meet up with the Bach’s, who were just arriving, for dinner. Dinner was at Terra Mia. Dad and I split a pizza and their texas sandwich. The pizza was ok, but that sandwich —-> 10/10. The restaurant had a live two-piece jazz band playing as well. It was a fun place. We (Tanner, Nora, Dad, Matt Stone, and I,) proceeded back to their apt. and we played some games.

Sunday morning, I played host, welcoming the Bach’s, Dad, and Matt for burritos and apple pie. The perfect combo. We then went to Tanmarie’s church, and witnessed Nora’s blessing. She was a champ.

Dad had to leave after, for the long trip home, and I gifted my Zupa’s sandwich to him. With apparently aged mayonnaise. Alas, I knew not.

I went with the Bach’s to go to the dinner party being held, and for about 45 minutes, we took a nice tour of Provo, including the industrial area, before deciding we better get the real address, and we made it for a delicious soup and salad event, with ice cream+ cookies.

It was wonderful to have everybody visiting, and many memories were made.

Monday was the return to school.

The death of retail stores, with the rise of online markets has been heralded. The advantage of course, is that the middleman is cut out, and thus the markup passed to the consumer is less. Blind dates are like retail stores. So, deciding to employ the same technique and cut out the middleman, I signed up for Mutual (think mormon tinder) and went on two dates this week, with people from it.

The first, Rayann, is from Wyoming, served a mission in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is studying elementary education. Interestingly, she pointed out that we both have five brothers and one sister. Wednesday, coincidentally Valentine’s Day, we went to the BYU wind symphony, who enthralled us with various pieces all based around the theme from the hymn, “Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow.” We have a second date set for this coming Friday.

And on Saturday, I doubled with cousin Kaleb, and we went bowling. I set him up with someone from the ward, and we had a blast. With Kaleb there, it was much easier to be natural. My date, Megan, served a mission in Salvador, Brasil, and we know quite a few of the same people. As we arrived to BYU’s bowling alley, she disclosed that she had previously taken a bowling class, and at that time  was scoring in the 170’s. Luckily, that was a few years ago, and I upheld my honor, winning both games (albeit barely) with scores of 132, and 146. After dropping Megan and Shelby off, Kaleb came over and we had dinner and ice cream. It was nice to hear about his mission and catch up. We’ll be back at it again.

Of course, I also admit I don’t really shop online, and thus my Mutual saga has now come to an end. I appreciated the experience, but its not me, and I’ll stick to old-school.

Friday, I continued my temple streak, going to the Provo one. After, I walked to BYU to watch the movie “Black Orpheus” which is supposed to be  a Brazilian masterpiece. Having heard so many good things about it, I admittedly left very disappointed. The film was so sad, and even a little dark. My roommate Derik, picked me up, and we headed to UVU’s institute for a dance. A singles awareness dance. It reminded me of a giant stake dance. And also reminded me that I never liked stake dances.


Another highlight from Saturday was with Tanner. We went golfing at Eastbay. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed getting out and playing. On the first hole, I dumped my three first shots into the lake. Finally, on my fourth try, I stayed on dry ground, and the rest of the round went much smoother.

Today in church I played the organ. It went well until the last verse of the last hymn, when I must have been in cruise control because I lost my place, and let the ward sing a capela for one bar, before joining back in to finish the song with them.

Our choir is singing “Cumorah’s Hill” for a fireside, and one piece contains the line,

How can we hope to see His face, when we never could see His hand?

I know that as we look for, and recognize the daily blessings and miracles in our lives, we will be better prepared to return to our Maker, and we will experience more joy in our journey to Him.

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  1. Hi Hunter,

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend with your Dad and the Bachs. Fun times and for a wonderful event–Nora’s blessing. AnneMarie posted pictures of her, and I must say she is so beautiful. Her blessing dress was lovely as was her head piece. She is such a cutie. I can’t wait to meet Nora and AnneMarie this summer when they come to Northboro. Will be a fun time. I’m sure it was fun to see your Dad, although a brief visit. Did he get sick from that sandwich? From what you mentioned about the mayo, it sounds like he might have–not a good t hing on a road trip.

    I certainly understand about the dating issue. You are smart to go the old school way. My niece, Jodi, (my brother’s youngest daughter) met her husband on line. He’s very nice and is a great Dad as well. He’s from the Carolina’s and was married before. He has an older son in his 20’s. His two children with Jodi are Caitlin,age 7, and Jackson, age 3 1/2 and he will be 4 in May. He is the funniest kid and so cute. He cracks me up. I gave him a wooden dump truck that I bought at a fair in NH last summer, and he absolutely loved it. He was so excited and had to get the rest of his trucks to show me. He was even excited about the Valentine card I sent him. Phil had video-taped him and I just melted.

    All is well here. We had about 5 inches of snow over night Saturday, but it is pretty much gone now. By the middle of the week, I don’t think there will be much left on the ground. I had called the front desk and asked to have my car cleaned off before I went to church. I called at 8:00 and at 9:00 no one showed up, so I ended up doing it my self. It was heavy, so it wasn’t fun. I pushed the snow off with my broom and then shoveled around the car and headed out at 9:30. I wasn’t happy about it and I wonder if they ever got the message.

    As always, I enjoy your letters. Glad you had a chance to play golf, although some of the balls entered the lake. I used to do that as well and was great at hitting trees and having the ball come back into the middle of the fairway. I wasn’t great but I had fun. I don’t play any golf now and haven’t since I met Uncle David. He never liked it. I’m sure if he had, it would have been fun to golf with him. I gave my clubs away as well as my shoes.

    Nice to get your letters. Continue having fun,and I know that some day the right girl will come along for you. When she does, you will know it.

    Sending love and hugs.

    Aunt Shirley

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