Reap what you sow

I think I’ve recovered from my illnesses. Admittedly, the first few days of classes weren’t fun. But they were doable, and that was a blessing. My schedule looks set. I received permission to take 20 credits this semester, and will be doing the following courses:

-History 202: World Civilization 1500 to present

-Portuguese 321

-History 200: Historian’s Craft

-History 356: History of Brazil

-Religion 211: New Testament part 1 (covering the four gospels)

-Religion 261: Family History

-Business Man. 372: Entrepreneurship

-Tennis for beginners (starts halfway through the semester)

I’m enjoying my classes so far, and am learning much, and they have challenged how I think, which I appreciate. Part of my rationale of quitting my job was due to my desire to spend more time at school, participating in activities there. I’ve been able to do that, and that has been well worth the time. I’ve begun participating in a new club, The Fidelio Society. It is similar to the Toqueville Society but focuses more on religion and works in conjunction with the Wheatley Institute. I was asked if I’d be willing to be part of the leadership, and accepted. Besides the obvious responsibilities, one perk is that I’ll be invited to meet with and debate with the scholars and visitors that the Wheatley Institute brings in. I’m looking forward to that.

I was surprised with a package of dates shipped to me. Thank you Aunt Janel! I made her recipe of date muffins, and while they didn’t turn out perfect, i love them! They have quickly become one of my favorites and a surefire breakfast. Date pie is intriguing as well….


On Friday, I went to Salt Lake City early in the morning to attend on person the funeral of Pres. Monson. It was held in the Conference Center, and about 10,000 people showed up for the noon service. It was amazing to be there and listen to Pres. Nelson and Pres. Eyring and Elder Uchtdorf pay homage to this great man. Afterwards, I had planned to visit the Family history Library. Unfortunately that had closed for the day unbeknownst to me, but I was able to go to the Salt Lake Temple.

Upon returning to Provo, I quickly got ready for a date. I was doubling with my roommate Jeremiah and his girlfriend Maddie. She had arranged a date with her friend Alyssa Fenton. She moved around a lot, but finished high school in Pittsburgh, and is studying accounting at BYU. The original plan was to go to some hot springs. However, after driving there we discovered that the road had been closed off due to snow. So it was back to Provo. We ate some great chocolate chip cookies at Chip Cookies, and then went bowling. After a hiatus of a few years, I bowled better than ever before. I won the first round, and the second game I was over 100 after 6 frames. And then our hour time limit ran out. I had fun, and enjoyed getting to know Alyssa.

Saturday, my friend Brian Crane came down to visit from Idaho. He pulled in around 4, and i met him in the parking lot to go golfing. The weather was beautiful, and the course in fair condition. And I played. I birdied the first hole, after smashing a drive and chipping to two feet. On the second, I stuffed an 8-iron 175 yards to five feet away, and the round was on. I ended up with some slight miscues, but on the 7 hole executive course which we played, finished at one over par. I’ll take that! Look at those snow-capped mountains! Just beautiful scenery.

Part of the reason Brian came was to go on a date with a girl living here, so while he did that, I went to visit Naomi. Its always a good time with her, and I was happy to hear she interviewed with the University of Utah grad PT program.

Sunday was church, and the roll out of our new Sunday School program. We’ve gone from 0 teachers to 8 in three weeks, getting to know many people without callings in the process, and are teaching four classes weekly: Gospel Doctrine, Gospel Principles, Temple Prep, and a special Family Class, which combines elements of a few manuals.

After the meetings, Brian and I went with Erin and Ashley Ferry to SLC for the YSA devotional with Elder and Sister Uchtdorf. It was marvelous! Many times, youth ask the same sort of questions, and receive the same, valid answers. However, this time, the answers while essentially teaching the same thing, seemed much more relatable this time, and I learned a lot about this journey of mortality. Alyssa already had plans, so I set up Brian with Erin, and went with Ashley. She is from Cedar Hills Utah, served a mission in Guatemala, and is studying nursing at UVU. I was amazed at the number of attendees. Asking an usher and security guard, I was told that while tough to estimate, the organizers had expected 6,000-7,000 people.  Instead, 30,000 young single adults showed up! We didn’t even get a seat in the conference center, and watched it in a theater there.

Monday, Brian and I went to play basketball in the morning. It was a good workout. No more losing to Sawyer! We played on the same team as cousin Greg who happened to be there, and whipped the other team.

I am starting my garden. I’ve been collecting largeish aluminum cans (29 ounce), and plan to fill them with dirt and start an indoor garden. Any ideas on what to plant?

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  1. Hi Hunter–As always, I enjoy your letters. You write such a nice informative letter and to see you so busy makes me want to take nap! Sounds like you are taking some very interesting courses–no grass is growing under your feet–and you are enjoying everything you are doing. Good for you.

    Does Naomi plan to stay in Utah? It must be wonderful to have many of your cousins around you as well as Tanner, AnneMarie and precious Nora. I made her a sweater set and still have to sew the buttons on it–I’ve never been this lax in getting anything done. I think I will get the buttons sewn on tonight and hopefully the package in the mail sometime next week.

    A group of us went to the New England Aquarium yesterday which was a lot of fun. There is a turtle in the huge take by the name of Myrtle. They figure she is about 90 and she has been in the tank for 47 1/2 years since the aquarium opened. There were a lot of nice exhibits. I love to watch the penguins–they are cute and they fascinate me. Myrtle stayed right near the man who was feeding her–some dried foo as well as brussels sprouts and broccoli which she loves. Fun to watch. We also went to the sting ray tank and I had my hand in it. They come right up to you so you can pet them on the snout and the middle of their back. They feel like velvet. A fun experience.

    We had gone to lunch first at a restaurant locally. I didn’t think too much of it. The lighting was poor and you could barely read the menu. I ordered a cup of lobster bisque as well as shrimp scampi–the likes of which I have never had. Usually it is in a garlic butter sauce on linguini. This was in a tomato sauce which was quite spicy and sitting on a grilled rice cake–I did not enjoy it at all. The desserts were in small parfait glasses for $3.00, and I had the Belgian chocolate which was excellent–the best part of the meal. I write for Trip Advisor and I plan on doing a not so good review. The waitress was also not very attentive, never came to our table to see if we wanted any more water or anything else. That is very poor. A week or so ago, we went to Worcester to the Worcester Art museum which was very nice and saw lovely paintings by Winslow Homer. Loved it. We went to a restaurant named Sole Proprietor. The food was excellent. I had fried shrimp and French fries which were the best I have ever eaten, and the waiter was fabulous. Our bus driver couldn’t find any parking, so the activities’ gal ordered her lunch for her. The waiter brought it out the bus with rolls, butter, and utensils. Mary said in all her 24 years, she has never had a waiter bring out a dinner to her on the bus. Awesome. You can bet he got a great tip, too. He was very solicitous and a lot of fun. That’s another place I would go back to again if I had the chance.

    There aren’t too many times when we end up with a not so nice place to eat, but the Seasons 52 is off my bucket list forever.

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well but glad you are on the road to recovery. Make sure you wash your hands all the time to keep the germs at bay. Stay healthy.

    Your muffin looked delicious. Kudos to you for trying new recipes. Your Mom has taught you well.

    Take care, stay healthy, and know that you are loved.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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