October 7-13: Stille Nacht

Do you hear that? Ah yes, Silent Night is playing. Tis the season. As birds instinctively know when to head south for the winter, my body knows when it is time to play Christmas music. And it hit this week. What a time of year! (Except for Oct. 31. Can you imagine what our puritan ancestors would have thought celebrating such a “holiday”?)

Also heard this week: destined, either, neither, derelict, glutton. Words pronounced wrong by me. Granted, glutton was a slip-up (I was talking about gluten in the same sentence…) but the others I fear have been mispronounced for years. Always makes me smile when I realize something like that.

Monday, for FHE our group did a “Just Dance” activity. This was my first time trying, and I have to say, I LOVED it! It was a lot of fun. Who walks like an Egyptian? This guy!

Pictured: Leftover hawaiian haystacks that I had for lunch. Didn’t finish, but came close. Had to save some room for the banana cream pie.

Friday, my boss’s wife, Noelle, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They’re closer to 40 than 50, and my heart went out to them. So much uncertainty and difficulties in the days ahead.

The LSAT prep continues. This week I took my fifth practice test, scoring a 169, my highest yet. If I could, I’d lock that score in. As it is, my goal is to go up more. I’d like to be at 175 before taking the test, and that way if I perform worse in the actual test because of stress or it is simply a tough one, I’ll still fall back to the 170 level. Fingers crossed.

After I finished the proctored practice, I headed to a quick MaeserLaser meeting. Methinks I’m going to be taking the newspaper back. Henry has done well in my absence but was quite eager for my return, and I think I’m in a better place to be able to handle the added responsibilities.

Saturday I was also able to go to the Provo City Center Temple.

Today, Kevin, Cooper and Porter came over after church. Which, by the way, church was so, so good today. I had a meeting at 9, but stayed and stayed, being there from 9-3:30, not because I had to, but because I didn’t want to leave. For priesthood we divided up into 4 groups, and separated to have smaller discussions on Pres. Nelson’s conference address from last Sunday, “Closing remarks.” I led one of the groups and we talked about making our own plans to prepare for the next 6 months, and about the temple, the crown jewel of the restoration. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Going back to dinner, we had whole wheat rolls, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken legs, and veggies. Delicious. Having no stock on hand, I went for broke in making a gravy, no recipe in sight. I boiled a few cups of water, added two bouillon cubes, a little bit of cream, flour, tossed in some garlic salt, black pepper, poultry seasoning, rosemary, and BOOM! That stuff turned out delicious. I’ll be making it again.

We played a few rousing rounds of bananagrams, and then I acted like they were missionaries, and asked who would be sharing a spiritual thought. Kevin went, guiding us to Romans 5:19,

For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

He applied it well to us, and testified that one person can make a big difference, and we can be that one person.

I thought the idea was great, so I turned to Porter and he shared Pres. Eyring’s Oct 2009 Conference address, “Be Ready.” The point, prepare yourself and stay worthy to be ready to bless someone with the power of the priesthood for you never know when a call might come. For Porter, that call came this week, when he went and visited someone in the hospital. Cooper talked about Stephen Owen’s talk which mentioned how a deer herd had been stranded by winter weather and had nothing to eat. Well-meaning humans left them straw, and while the deer ate lots of it, they were found starved, with their bellies full of straw. They ate, but were not food. Cooper applied it to us and said that there are many things, such as social media, which can use all our time, and leave us undernourished and starving. We need to make sure that we are spending time doing what really matters. I loved their insights, and will be asking everyone for more next week when they visit as well.

While Cooper had to head home, Kevin and Porter joined me at the nursing home where we sang for 40 minutes. Those boys not only have some good sized lungs, but can hit the right notes. It was a really good time. Someone asked if they were twins, to which they replied no, but indicated the familial relationship and then gestured towards me. I felt small standing next to the 6’7″ and 6’4″ giants.

Here’s the thought I shared with the fam today after dinner. It comes from section 36 of the Doctrine and Covenants:

Thus saith the Lord God, the Mighty One of Israel: Behold, I say unto you, my servant Edward, that you are blessed, and your sins are forgiven you, and you are called to preach my gospel as with the voice of a trump;

And I will lay my hand upon you by the hand of my servant Sidney Rigdon, and you shall receive my Spirit, the Holy Ghost, even the Comforter, which shall teach you the peaceable things of the kingdom;

Referring to Edward Partridge, this revelation was given in December 1830. Nevertheless, the principle applies to us as well. Many times, we don’t see the whole picture. When we are set apart for a calling, ordained to an office in the priesthood, or blessed, we see the human hand on our heads. As this scripture notes though, the Lord is laying his hand on as well. The priesthood is the power of God on this earth. Joshua 3:5 commends, “Sanctify yourselves: for to morrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” As we work to purify ourselves and do the will of the Lord, we will experience miracles in our lives, and be tools to perform miracles in others.





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  1. Good morning, Hunter

    Enjoyed your letter as usual. Your dinner sounded yummy. You sure can ad lib with a dinner need when it is not available. One thing you can do when you make gravy–if you are cooking veggies on the stove, ie: carrots, green beans, potatoes–save the water and freeze it. It comes in handy when making gravy as you will have a flavorful broth. You can add your seasonings to taste. Also, you can buy some gravy master which you can use in your gravy–just a little, as it will give it color and a little salty flavor as well. I always have it on hand.

    I had my preops on Thursday–blood work and x-rays of my knees from hips to ankles both sides. Also measurements were taken. Both legs are the same length so no problem there. A case worker will call me this week and go over things. I am getting nervous, no doubt about it. My girlfriend will come and stay during the day with me, but at the moment, I don’t have anyone to stay with me at night which I think I will need for a few nights anyway just to be on the safe side. I know your Mom made a comment that she would come and “take care of me”, but she works and has her own family, and it isn’t like she’s a drive away. There is a gal who used to work here, and I may ask her if she can spend a couple of nights with me. She doesn’t live to far fro here. I could also ask Aunt Jenny if she would be able to do it I know she works so I don’t know if she would be available. If she was working with Uncle Aaron, I don’t think that would be a problem.

    We had beautiful weather yesterday and it looks like a repeat today. It was 67 and so nice to see the sun. Tomorrow, I am going with Fox Tours to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge and the Red Lion Inn for lunch. I used to drive by the restaurant all the time when I went to the Berkshires. I used to go to a resort called Jug End. It closed in 1974 and all of the buildings were razed and now it is conservation land. I think it is used for horseback riding, but I am not sure. It is a beautiful area.

    Not much else going on here. I understand your Grampy was very sick last week. I just happened to see a note that Mom Mom left on FB. I’ll have to giver her a call after I take my shower and see how things are. I know he has a lot of medical issues.

    How nice to have your brothers around and your cousin Kevin to do fun things with. You never lack in entertaining yourself, that’s for sure.

    Have a great day, and know that you are loved.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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