Oct 21-27: Freedom and Fun

Tanner bought a World Series tv pass, and I’ve enjoyed catching snippets here and there. My money is on the Astros, but my heart is with the Nationals. (Update: Nationals won!)

For home evening on Monday, our group gathered and for the activity we told scary/funny halloween stories. I enjoyed listening, and while all the stories were good, there was also one Bigfoot account, so it was a perfect night.

Wednesday was a busy day. First, I left work to have lunch with Judge McCleve at Thai House cuisine. Its located in downtown/historic American Fork and was in an old house. Excepting Panda Express, I generally don’t lean towards asian entrees. However, this ended up being quite good, and priced extremely reasonably. I had some spring rolls, sweet and sour with chicken and some soup. We talked about what law school was like, how it has blessed her life, and what my future plans are. At the end, she also procured some further references that I could talk to. It was very kind of her to meet me and offer to help.

That night was our ward activity at Cornbelly’s, which is part of Thanksgiving Point and includes a giant corn maze and other fall activities. It started at 6:30, and was only 1/2 mile from my work, so I elected to stay late rather than going home only to drive straight back. Alas, when I went to head over at 6:30, my car was completely dead. I hadn’t left anything on (I was pretty sure,) so I did what I always do. Called my mom. We talked through a couple options, and then I rang the Bach’s. He was sure =, from my descroption, it was the battery. Some kind strangers from a neighboring company used their F-150 and gave me a jump, starting ti right away. From there, I had a decision to go home, or head to the still ongoing ward activity. I was struck with paralysis for a moment, completely unsure of what was the right decision. Ultimately, I headed towards Provo, reasoning it was essential to get the problem fixed. I stopped by AutoZone and tested the battery, but they said the reading came back with no problems. Crossing my fingers, and hoping I had actually left something on earlier, I went home. The post Cornbelly’s pizza party was still going on, and I attended, before heading to the gym. The car started at once to go there, and so I thought no problem after all. The next morning, Thursday, with some trepidation, I turned the car over, and nothing. My roommate gave me another jump, tested the alternator, which checked out ok, and let me borrow his cables for the day. I tried starting it repeatedly throughout the day, and it started a few times without issue. And then, at 5 when I went to leave, it was dad again. Another jump, and I decided to go to Wal-Mart and buy a battery. The wallet $66 lighter, I left, and found my car needing another jump. So it was on to Autozone again, where they tested the battery again, confirmed it was dead, and jumped my car so I could go home to change the battery. Impressively, the dead battery appears to have been the original, meaning it made it for 15 years. I attended my LSAT class, and at 10ish went to battle. Holy moly. I’ve changed one other battery, and it took all of 10 minutes. This took 80 minutes, with me dousing all the corroded parts in baking soda and finally putting it back together again. Concurrently, a party was happening a block away, blasting loud, inappropriate music. Outside in the freezing wind, I had had enough, and ended up calling in to report the disturbance and had the police go over to shut the noise off. What. a. long. day.

Nevertheless, the battery is in, the car is back to purring again, and I am much more thankful every time I get behind the wheel.

Friday I left work a little early and headed to Sleepy Ridge at the invitation of Kevin, and played 8 holes on his pass. I birdied the last hole, and took off to go see Tad Callister speak at BYU as part of the Sperry Symposium. His speech was entitled, “What is the Purpose of Suffering?”, attempting to answer why it happens, what is its purpose, and how we can best face it, among other pertinent questions. I arrived right at the start, and was fortunate to have my friend William saving me a seat in front. My biggest takeaway was the idea that the cure for all suffering is an ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE.

After, we headed back to my place as William has been wanting to learn to make pizza for some time.

Logan Page arrived unexpectedly, and I invited David Kaiser over. We all enjoyed pizza and varied conversation. Lately, I’ve really appreciated hearing people’s favorite scripture or something they’ve learned recently from the scriptures, and asked all of them to share.

Finally, this happened. The culmination of much headache, worry, and weight. Now to be no more. I don’t think it was coincidence that Friday and Saturday were some of the best sleeps I can remember. Because they were government loans, there was a 6 month grace period before the interest kicked in. I made it with minutes to spare. No interest for you, Mr. Debt Collector. (Alas, I found out after that for the payment to be processed same day, it needs to be submitted by 8 pm CDT. So there was $1.70 in interest.)

Saturday was a blast. The LSAT practice took up the morning, and then I picked up Kimball and we headed into the canyon and went to Midway to play Soldier Hollow Golf Course. Mark met us there, and I can honestly say it was one of the most fun rounds I’ve ever been a part of. What a blast! Mark hasn’t come within 10 strokes of me before, and while I didn’t play poorly, he played inspired, and edged me out at the last.


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  1. Hi Hunter,

    Sounds like a busy week for you. Happy that you got your car squared away. Nothing worse than getting into it and not have it start. For a battery to last 15 years is unheard of. You were so lucky, but glad you have a new one which will keep your car purring along, especially on cold winter days/nights.

    I’m coming along slowly but surely. The exercises really hurt, but they have to be done or I’ll be in trouble. The therapists say I am doing very well. I do the exercises several times a day along with icing and my toes above my nose. It hasn’t been fun because I am not able to get a good night’s sleep. Trying to find a comfortable position for my leg isn’t east, and then when I straighten it, it hurts like the devil. This, too, shall pass but it takes time. I did take some Tylenol earlier, but I think I am going to take a pain pill because it is a little more than I want to stand right now. I try not to take them–only when I feel I need them.

    I wonder how your Uncle Aaron is doing with the 7 cherubs in Fort Collins;. I am sure they are having a fun time and he probably goes to bed really early, too. He’s a good sport to babysit Alana’s and Zach’s children so they could go to Hawaii. What a wonderful trip they are having and so well deserved. I was in Hawaii in 1970 with a girlfriend from New York. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. We had gone in October. We met a couple from Bayshore in New York and I kept in touch with them for years. I even had a chance to visit them when I visited another friend who lived on Long Island. Both have since passed away. They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. We actually met them on the plane. They stayed at a different hotel than we did, and when I think about it, we should have paid a little more money and stayed in the same hotel with a water view. We did have cocktails with them and had a fabulous view from their room.

    I think tonight, I will go to social hour and dinner. I did go on Wednesday but was glad to get home in my chair where I could put my feet up. It’s only been 2 weeks and 2 days since the surgery. I know things will get better and it takes time.

    On November 20th, a group of us are going to see Mama Mia and lunch at a local restaurant. I’m looking forward to that. In December, we are taking a trip to the Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, NH for their Christmas spectacular and lunch. It will be a long day but I think worth every penny of it. Have to do these things while we can, that’s for sure.

    Mom Mom and Grampy sent me two amaryllis bulbs–a white one and a red one. I haven’t planted them yet but will when I can stand a little more on my feet. I love watching them grow and all of a sudden the blooms are there ready to open. So nice to see when all of the outside flowers are gone.

    I enjoy your letters and I know you keep yourself very busy. Sending you love and hugs.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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