Oct. 14-20: Flapjacks

I started the week off right by playing “ultimate cabbage,” Monday for FHE. This is a game like ultimate frisbee, except it’s played with a cabbage. This is thrown around and the game continues until all the leaves fall off of it. Quite fun! (not as fun, picking up all the discarded leaves from the field after we were done.)

At work, in an effort to promote collaboration and unity, the company pays for you to go to lunch with a co-worker, and this can be done on their dime once a week. Generally, I’m 100% content with bringing in my lunch (and spending time reading on the balcony.) It’s geared more towards the California office anyway as they occupy various buildings and have about 65 employees. In Utah, totaling 14 employees, we all know each other pretty well, especially since I was one of the first. This Wednesday though, we decided to go out and eat. Of course, everyone wanted to pile in the minivan, so we did and headed off to Chipotle. It was a fun change of pace. I crack up, seeing how much everyone loves to 1. ride in a minivan 2. learn that I drive a minivan.

This picture below is of Robert and Hailey. They were sealed for time and all eternity on Friday. I went to their reception that night in American Fork. They have both been good friends and set great examples. Robert will start his PhD at Princeton next year, and I hope to join him on the East Coast before he finishes.

Sunday, around 11 am, I received a message from Pres. Young asking if I could make it to his house at 4 pm and assist him in giving a blessing. I remember well a story that Pres. Packer tells of a man who received a call from President Harold B. Lee asking if he could meet him in Salt Lake City the next day. Of course, the man discovered that his business would be taking him to Salt Lake the next day, though many miles away. The rest of the story is well worth reading, but needless to say there is a principle there, and I was honestly more than happy to make the trip up, postponing our family dinner until 6.

I met a woman there, who I’ll refer to as SKM, who had served as stake relief society president while Pres. Young was stake president. We had an enjoyable time conversing for about an hour, and then I anointed and Pres. Young sealed the blessing. I’ll simply say here that it was a blessing unlike any I’ve ever participated in. Truly special and SKM’s example was inspiring, and the magnitude of her faith apparent.

The main reason that Pres. Young had asked me to assist was to meet her, as she had been a judge in Utah, having been appointed in her early 30’s, and later taught at BYU Law School.  We were able to set up a time this coming week to have lunch together, providing me an opportunity to ask questions about law school.

The Youngs have been great to me. After SKM left, we talked for another half an hour and I left feeling uplifted and with some food for later to boot.


These good old goobers were waiting for me when I returned. Dinner was fantastic, the chili turning out great. We played a rousing game of Settlers of Cataan, and Porter “Sheep Baron” Schenewark pulled out the win in the end.

There is a saying I quite like, “No matter how thin the pancake is, there is still two sides.” or something like that. And it’s true. The reason this has been on my mind, is because of the blessing with Pres. Young.

Regardless, and applying the principle in a different way, it is important to be patient and listen to what others have to say. The other comes in Let us be kind, extend the benefit of the doubt, let us not seek simply for justice but be willing to extend the hand of mercy to those around us.


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  1. Hi Hunter,

    Fun letter. I don’t know where you come up with all your games, but the cabbage one sounds like a fun game.

    I’ve had my surgery and am on the road to recovery. I was in the hospital from Wednesday to Saturday. My friend Jean comes for the day and my friend Annie stays for the night and gets my breakfast before she goes to work. I want to eat before I take all my pills. I’m tired now, because it takes a lot of energy to get washed and dressed. I’m on the way to my living room for ice and a glass of water, sitting in my lounge chair. Wanted to get through my emails before I did that.

    The surgery went well, is quite sore, and I have lots of exercises to do–not fun but necessary. The VNA was here yesterday as well as the physical therapist. I’ll see them a few times a week. Everything looks great. I can’t move quickly or very far, but that’s o.k.

    I’m going to end because I have to get into my chair before I fall asleep here.

    Call me some time–508-921-3967.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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