November 18-24: Oh say can you see

This is it. The day to take the LSAT has arrived. Tomorrow at 12:30 pm, I’ll start the 4 hour exam, which will largely determine WHERE I spend the next three years, and HOW I spend the next three years (fingers crossed for some scholarship money). I have to confess that my heart is already beating quicker, and my mind is racing. Yet, how many times have you seen an LSAT score on a tombstone? It simply doesn’t define anything truly important. So while I hope to do my best, and score well, I know that all will turn out well regardless.

How often do we stress over completely unnecessary things?  This was a key takeaway in the middle of this week for me. On Sunday, I volunteered to bake a ham for the friendsgiving happening on Wednesday. Monday, I was given 3, when I had anticipated one. The worry of if all three would fit into the oven, if I would have to leave work early to get them started, etc. was on my mind. Tuesday night, mentally re-arranging my schedule already, I pulled a ham out of the fridge to check the cooking instructions. I turned it around twice not seeing any instructions for anything but the glaze. Right before I googled it, I saw the label, pre-cooked. Of course. How in the world had I forgotten!?!

This week, in elders quorum we went over the conference talk, Deceive me not 

by Elder Stevenson. In it, he talks about recognizing truth and how important it is to not be deceived by the messages that Satan presents. I’m amazed at how influential some of the world’s teaching can be, after you hear it again and again, and are preached these false doctrines from every tv channel, news website, and popular song. The key takeaway for me from Elder Stevenson’s talk was that we are looking beyond the mark, and will stumble if we do not put God first in our lives. As has been said,

if you have not chosen to place the Kingdom of God first, it will not matter what you have chosen instead.

LSAT, school, work, golf, money – I know that none of these can be put first. And if God is first, then all else will work out okay. Even more glorious than I can imagine.

Wednesday was the Friendsgiving. We had a great turnout, about 100 people, and plenty of good food. We met in a nearby chapel, and I ended up playing basketball both before and after.

When I got home, I watched most of the democratic debate.

Thursday was the last day of my lsat class, and I left that (early) to go to institute. It was the right call, and I loved the lesson we had on D+C 29. It’s taught by an older couple, the Lambert’s who shared some of their life experience, and helped the scriptures come to life.

Friday I went on a double date. Eliza and I met Dillon and his date to go to the Bell Concert  at the Tabernacle on Temple Square. Traffic was bad both ways, but we were able to still get seats showing up 20 minutes late. And the entire date lasted almost 5 hours, which is too long in my opinion, especially without any kind of nourishment, but Eliza was a good sport, and helped make the whole night very enjoyable. She also curiously wanted to talk about politics a lot, which isn’t something I have done on a first date in my memory (we were of one mind concerning immigration, but differed radically in nearly everything else). She’s studying neuroscience and economics at BYU and returned from her mission in the Philippines in March.


I had a friend, Glenn, invite me to the Utah Symphony with some of his friends Saturday night. Then, at around 4, Glenn bailed but said the ticket was mine still, and I could bring someone for his. There wasn’t much time to prepare, so I asked Nicklas, my danish friend, if he wanted to go, and he jumped at the idea. We left at 6, and met the other people in Glenn’s group at Abranavel Hall in Salt Lake City. The repertoire included Mozart’s 20th Piano Concerto, which was a dream. I had never heard it before, and loved it. It also included Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, which I’ve listened to online before, and disliked it even more in person. I’m glad to have had the experience, and very appreciative of Anastasia who shared the tickets. She is from Ukraine, and honestly I was surprised how many people at the symphony were speaking Russian. I had no idea there were so many people sharing that heritage in Utah. I was impressed with how crisp and clean the music sounded even compared to the BYU orchestra, which I thought was fantastic. The venue was also 10/10. 

I’ve been impressed with Porter’s barber skills and Saturday he gave me a great haircut at his apartment. 

After church, we all met at Tanner’s house to celebrate Nora’s and Joanna’s birthdays. I can’t believe Nora is two! She didn’t quite understand the concept of her birthday, but dived right into her cake! It was a lot of fun, and as Cooper was giving the prayer at his ward prayer we exited at 6:50, right as everyone was about to play a riotous group game, I was not eager to join. In my mind, the timing was exquisite.



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  1. Good morning,

    Your letter was full of fun things you did this past week. Good for you. Loved all of your pictures, and the one of Porter with a thumbs up after cutting your hair made me chuckle. He also has a lot of munchies on the top of his refrigerator. I hope he eats other food that is good for him as well. LOL

    Not much going on here. I’m almost five weeks since my knee surgery. I improve every day, but it is a long haul. I do my exercises twice a day and ice even more. The exercises hurt a lot, but I know I have to do them to have a functional knee. When PT is finished here, I will go to outpatient PT probably for a couple of months. I’m still using a walker, as I feel more secure with it, especially when I get up in the morning. My knee is usually a little stiff. I do my exercises in bed that have to be done and then into the kitchen at the counter for the others. Lot of bending, hamstring curls, marching, etc. Gotta do it, you know.

    I’m going to Mom Mom’s and Grampy’s for Thanksgiving and also to the community hall on Friday where she is going to have a turkey for the family. I guess a lot of family will be there, so I will be going to Northboro two days in a row. Should be an enjoyable two days. I don’t know what she plans on cooking for Thursday–it won’t be turkey but will be something. Whatever it is, I will eat it.

    Today we are having a photo shoot, so I have to dress as I would if going to dinner. I have on a nice pair of slacks and a sweater. That should do. I’ll bring my jacket in case they want me to wear that.

    Now I have to eat breakfast. It is almost 10:00 and I haven’t eaten yet.

    Sending lots of love, and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Love,Aunt Shirley

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