March 9-March 15: sodium bicarbonate, where art thou?

In last weeks letter, I neglected to mention that on Sunday the 8th, I went with Porter and Cooper to Tanmarie’s house. There, we enjoyed delicious burgers, Nora time, and seeing Tanmarie.

This picture is from a poetry reading I was invited to:

On the second Tuesday of every month, the Rock Canyon Poets meet in the Pioneer Book bookstore and read works written by the members or any poem that they want to share. This time, there was a guest reader, Natasha Saje, and the bulk of the time was devoted to her reading and expositing on her own favorite poems. I’d like to go again; it was enjoyable to mix up my normal activities.

Earlier that day, we had our company-wide meeting and it was announced that on Thursday we would all work from home as a test and in anticipation of having to do that due to the coronavirus. Wednesday things had changed so quickly that instead of a test, Thursday was deemed the day that all would begin working from home. I lugged home my monitors and lots of cords and set up a little area on my desk. Then headed to book club where the situation was forgotten momentarily and we discussed the comedy, “Much Ado about Nothing.”

After 8 hours of working from home on Thursday, I needed to leave. I go tin my car not sure where I would go, but as often happens, I ended up at the golf course. While paying $10 for my round at the register, in fortuitous timing, Mike showed up with his friend Tanner at that exact moment, so all three of us played together.

With no cases of Covid-19 near Provo, feeling safe, and knowing that things would shortly be shut down (BYU had just cancelled all classes), I went ahead with a small pie night on Friday. It was just going to be a little game night, then someone pointed out that the next day was pie day, 3.14. We had ice cream, key lime pie, and I also made a Cranberry pie, completely making up the recipe. I used 1.5 cups of cranberries, blended, and everyone really liked it. This picture isn’t much, but I didn’t think of taking a picture until Porter went to finish the last few pieces off.

We played a few rounds of codenames as well as the “word game.” Miranda, her friend Lela, the Jensen Bros., Dellan, Mikaela, Mattie, David, Justice, and Porter, were all there.

Saturday. I had planned to go the temple, garden, and finish my UCONN law school application. Then, Jacob C. asked me if I could come with him. He was going on a date from Mutual, and the girl had just told him some of her friends wanted to go hiking with them as well, and asked Jacob to bring some guy friends and even things out a little. Before meeting up with Jacob, I went to the temple, knowing it would be my last chance before it closed. I am grateful I did and can testify of the blessings one receives and the spirit of the Lord one feels there.

Turns out only myself and Jacob’s roommate Dalon were going, so the male/female ratio was an uneven 3:6. Oh well, right? We hiked Battle Creek Falls in Lindon. It was a lot of fun, and the group had some good cohesion. 

On the picture below, I do love the shade of blue peeking out from behind the clouds. The day stayed overcast, but not chilly. Dillon offered his backyard as a new garden for me, and I was sold, as unlike last week, there would be no threats.

We planted much of the same: Radishes, beets, carrots, lettuce, and LOTS of spinach. I’m looking forward to that. Dillon also got starter potatoes and we planted red and yellow ones. This is the first time I’ve tried that. The pots also have herbs in them.

I still had some seeds left over, so when I got home, I put in a few rows in my backyard. This wasn’t my first option because the way the fences and neighboring houses sit, not to mention the shade from the trees, the sun is scarce in the backyard. So anything that I can harvest will be a bonus.

Sunday at 10, I met Caroline and the bishopric and we worked out a plan to make sure everybody still in town could get the sacrament. For this week, we divided by FHE group, and Bishop and Bro. Salazar made a few trips blessing the sacrament for each group. They will be getting released soon most likely, and it was a special experience to watch that. Truly, if you would lead, serve.

Cousin Kevin, and Cooper both came over for dinner along with Porter and his roommate Peter. It was funny as the last time Kevin came over, which was a few months ago, we had chicken legs, and had them again this time, but not once in between. Scalloped potatoes (lots of ’em) and ice cream rounded out the menu.

We played a quick game of Cataan and Peter played the organ for us. He is classically trained and can play any song you want by ear. It was very impressive and his medleys of two completely different songs that we tossed at him, awed all as well.

We left Kevin and Peter to head over to Tanmarie’s for some brownies and games. Much of the time was spent looking at recently unearthed photos from our time in Texas and Ohio. What a hoot. Then it was “Ticket to Ride: European Edition.” The game lasted until 11:20, much longer than I had anticipated, but well-worth the time. It was a fun night.

I’ll spare most of my thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic. Everybody is sick of reading about it. Admittedly, I don’t trust much of what is going on and I think a lot of repercussions will be felt much longer than necessary because of how it is being handled here in the United States. Yet, I am very thankful. Two weeks ago, I thought I had bought plane tickets to Europe for my father and I. The high cost triggered a fraud warning from my bank and the purchase didn’t go through before the sale ended and prices were more than doubled. At the time, this was frustrating, but now I see it as a huge blessing. In January, I felt like I needed to get my food storage together, and by the first week or two of February, felt good about where I was, with 15 months of food storage. In another stroke of good timing, we have 47 rolls of toilet paper. I didn’t need to go to the store for anything except baking soda. And that wasn’t even a necessity, just a desire to replenish my stock of it so I can keep using it in my shampoo. (Like elsewhere, everything is cleared out here. I went Saturday night, and it took me 3 stores before I found some small quantities of it).

There is much to be grateful for, not the least of which is health in general.

I am reminded of the Battle of Kohima, nicknamed Stalingrad of the East, in which combined Indian and British forces outlasted the Japanese siege. It went from April 4th to June 22nd, 1944. There is a monument there, with words credited to the Brit John Maxwell Edmonds. The epitaph reads,

When you go home tell them of us and say: for your tomorrow we gave our today.

On a smaller measure, that is what we are doing now. I have done more than my fair share of grumbling, but making small sacrifices and doing ones part to prevent the spread of the virus, can help someone else have a tomorrow.




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