March 2-8: Buongiorno Principessa!

Notwithstanding a few hours of turmoil Saturday evening, this has been an amazing week.

WeWork opened another building, right next door to ours, and we were invited to participate in the grand opening on Monday. Similar to when ours opened, there was lots of swag (t-shirts are still hard to pass up) and free food. They had advertised korean bbq, but when I got to the line, I saw that it was self-serve with a bunch of rice and veggies available. And a fried egg. There was no meat! I’m cutting back on meat, so it was ok, but it did seem like false advertising to say come get your bbq, and then walk away with a fried egg. Some of my co-workers were not thrilled to say the least. We had all forgotten that WeWork doesn’t pay for meat to be served. They allow food trucks to sell and companies can cater anything they want, but when WeWork is paying, there will be no meat (for environmental reasons). Here’s the real takeaway: WeWork stood up for their values. And that is always impressive. They don’t do what is convenient and serve meat to help people feel more welcome/comfortable. This was an inspiring example of living at all times what you believe, and made me think of times I focus more on convenience than values.

Later that night, I went to the gym for the traditional post-FHE lift with Dillon and David. And set a record I didn’t see coming. My goal has been 250 for bench press, and I’m happy with that, as I’m just trying to stay fit not be huge or an unnaturally weird looking bodybuilder. This is veggie power we’re talking about, not creatine or protein powder induced strength. Monday though, I benched 265 twice, unassisted, before needing help to finish the 3rd rep. I was ecstatic!

This photo was taken doing deadlifts Friday (always the least busy day), and it serves to show what the gym looks like.

I love Super Tuesday. The excitement over politics runs deep. Watching results trickle in is a blast, but I tried to stay productive, and helped Emma B. with her stake RS meeting prep., and we had our EQ meeting that night as well. Biden swept the night, and it was ridiculous the bias showed by the broadcasters, but I still think Bernie is alive and well. I can’t imagine Biden being able to survive one round of debates with Bernie mano-a-mano. Biden’s looks young but really does seem to have lost his mental acuity.

Wednesday was book club and our discussion of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. I hadn’t read this one before, and enjoyed it immensely.

It had been a long day, I didn’t get home until 10, and I decided to cook some rice and prepare for my lunch the next day before going to bed. And I started reading and completely forgot about the rice on the stove. I went to get ready for bed some time later, and the entire house was filled with smoke. I ran to the kitchen, pulled my now blackened pan off the stove and started opening all windows and doors. It was the worst burning I’ve ever done, and needless to say, I ended up having to cook a new batch of rice the next day. Finally, after two days of airing out, the house smelled smoke-free again.

For the second week in a row at institute, we were graced by the presence of James Allen, former assistant church historian. This week, we spent the entire hour doing a Q+A with him, which I loved.

Immediately after, I went with Dillon to visit J. He texted us that morning at 4 am, and was struggling. Thankfully, a good friend was awake and able to go over at that hour, and when I awoke we texted and set up a time to go over at night. We talked for close to an hour, and I left feeling uplifted myself and having learned much from him.

I started reading a novel dealing with life in Parma, Italy, including much about pizza, and by 9pm Thursday night, I said enough is enough, its time for a pizza party! Scheduled to go from 6-7 pm on Friday, (at 7 I was supposed to go to the monthly concert next door), 11 people showed up, we made four pizzas and played a few games until 8:30. This is pizza number 4, with pepperoni, purple onion, spinach, and sauteed radishes. Delicious!

I tried a new veggie type (I hadn’t planned the best, so it was kind of just making do with what I had) that included potato slices, radishes, onion, spinach and tomato slices and it turned out well.

Kobe and Reigen Jensen were two of the people there. They mentioned how they were trying to decide between going to a movie night or a pizookie party. I wished them well, and having missed the concert headed to the gym for a quick workout and content to spend the rest of the night reading. Not 15 minutes later, right when I’m doing deadlifts, and honestly not feeling the energy, Kobe calls. Reigen went to the movie night, and Kobe wanted a wingman for the pizookie party. These are the invites I normally turn down. I wasn’t feeling any desire to talk to more people or have pizookie and ice cream. But, I hadn’t met many new people, thought about my goal to set a new high in my personal wellness stats, and said what the heck, I’m in. I hustled home, quickly showered and changed, before walking a few blocks with Kobe to the apartment that was hosting. The organizer is named Brielle, and she and Kobe were part of a volleyball intramural team in the fall. The invite was unexpected for Kobe, as she had been dating someone then, but apparently broke up with her boyfriend and now, a few months since seeing him, wanted to get to know Kobe better. The party started with a bunch of dumb games (to each his own, but I thought the games weren’t interesting or useful at all), and most people there were with a significant other. We got there on time, and there was a group of 8-10. It started at 9:30, and about 10, hordes started showing up, and I’d guess there was 25-30 people all talking in this small apartment. It was exactly the situation I’d dreaded. I saw one lady I wanted to talk to, and as luck would have it, she ended up a few feet away. For a time, both of us mostly just sat watching the chaos and eating our pizookies. Finally, I thought, she is the one in the room I do want to talk to, and it just takes a little courage. And it was wonderful! Our conversation couldn’t have been more perfect. We talked for 10-15 minutes, and I thought that was enough to see if she would be interested in going out, and then I could get the heck out of Dodge. S.P. served in Cape Verde so we both speak Portuguese, and she is currently a teacher in the MTC. She is a junior, majoring in English Education and minoring in History. I thought, 10 more seconds of courage is all it takes, and sure enough, it looks like I will be seeing her again! At 8:45, I was at the gym without energy. At 10:45, I was running around the neighborhood, stoked, trying to burn off some energy so I could sleep.

Saturday morning, Cooper and I were unable to get a tennis court, so I dropped him back off at his apartment, that plan shot, and after quickly doing some shopping, went into my backyard, sat in a camping chair and read while enjoying a smoothie and breakfast croissant. The trees were gently blowing and creaking above me and most of the world seemed asleep still. It was a beautiful time!

At 2, I met with M. B., my next door neighbor. Last year in the fall, we had talked about gardening and she offered her yard if I wanted to use it. Her family owns the house and had rented it out in the past. A previous tenant gardened until leaving one year ago. The before photo:

We spent a few hours working the soil and digging up the weeds. The previous tenant composted a lot, and the soil was wonderful. My shovel went 18 inches deep and it was all pure soil that turned over easy. I ran over to Home Depot and purchased some seeds, and we planted four rows of spinach, three rows of lettuce, three of beets, three of onions, three of carrots, and two rows of radishes in the two plots on the right hand side. In the back along a cast iron fence, we planted two long rows of peas and one of broccoli. I felt so good, and loved every second tilling the ground and pulling weeds and getting dirt under my fingernails. At 4:45ish, we called it a day, and I returned next door to my house. The after photo:

At 5:30, M. B. came over, sobbing. I had been with my roommate in the kitchen, and when I opened the front door, she just immediately unloaded. My roommate was still in the kitchen listening, as surprised as I was. One thing I found out was that her ex-boyfriend knew I had been over, (I had no idea this was a problem) and had sent me a message on facebook messenger, and she was so sorry he did that. For purposes of confidentiality, and to keep this short, I’ll wrap this up quick. Here is the message I received:

“Stay the &*^&*&^#& away from my girlfriend!

(her name)

I don’t care if she told you, you could use her garden, you go back there again or so much as look at her again you and I are going to have a problem.”

After discussion yesterday, and further discussion today with pertinent trusted adults, I’m submitting a police report, and that’s the end of my involvement. I am perfectly safe, and am going to abandon my investment in the garden. That’s finished for me. A lot of the story is left out, but hopefully that is sufficient to understand the gist. Who knew trying to grow some radishes would lead to this!






One thought on “March 2-8: Buongiorno Principessa!”

  1. Good morning, Hunter,

    It is a beautiful day here in Walpole, and the temperature is going to be about 70 degrees–so unseasonable for the month of March. We’ve had unseasonable weather, and we haven’t had any snow for heaven knows how long. It also hasn’t been very cold which is not good because the germs have stayed alive.

    I’m supposed to go to the flower show in Boston on Thursday. I think six of us signed up to go. I’m not sure I want to go because of the large crowds. I sure as heck don’t want to get sick. All my friend Helen talks about is the COVD-19. I’m tired of hearing about it. It’s all over the TV and is constant. The media is awful. It mostly affects the elderly with underlying health problems. A healthy person could fight it off but those with health problems would probably not. It is scary, but you can’t stop living your life either. All this stems back to China with some wild life that was being sold and carried the virus. Therefore, everyone who has come in contact with the bug is susceptible to it. I’ll relay my concerns to our activities director and let her decide. I’d rather go out to lunch elsewhere in place of the flower show. There is always next year.

    What is a piezookie? Never heard of this.

    Reading your letter about the girl whose boyfriend sent you a message is very scary. You were right in filing a report with the police. He is crazy and if she wants to be with him, she is looking for trouble. He is an abuser and he will not be very kind to her. He is extremely jealous and you were being a friend. Sorry about the garden. You invested a lot of time and money into it. Did she tell him that you planted a garden? That was her first mistake. It sounds like he is a control freak and she is in for a lot of heartache and, in my book, her safety is at risk.

    Find out if there are other places for a community garden where you can plant your veggies.

    Well, I have to fix my hair, eat breakfast, and go to knitting. I was going to start working on my figures for my taxes this morning before I did go to knitting, and this is as far as I got.

    I understand you will be at Mom-Mom’s at the same time your mother is there in April. I am so happy she will be there for Easter and you as well. I will be going to Easter dinner in Northboro. Yay!!

    Until then, stay safe and know that I love you.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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