March 10, 2019

A Sunday letter! Yes, it is stake conference weekend. Our stake presidency was reorganized, and Pres. Swenson, a man whom I’ve greatly admired these last 18 months was released and Pres. Tooler called as the new stake president. In conjunction with this event, Elder Pearson of the 70 and Elder Staheli, an area authority visited. They provided me with a shot of energy and inspiration, and I left with a long list of things to improve. Once again, my testimony was strengthened and I know that these men have been called of God.

Thursday I had a date with Amanda. She is from Huntington Beach, California, and is studying communications at BYU. She served a mission in Finland, and we met through the app Mutual. We attended the Symphonic Orchestra and had a great time. The finale was Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Piano Concerto, which I’ve wanted to hear live for some time. It did not disappoint. I knew I wanted to go out again, and set up a game night on Saturday. After the evening session of conference, I picked her up, and we were joined by Lawson and Isabel again. We played Ticket to Ride and snacked on some fudge. Now, the tables are reversed and tonight I’m going to her apartment for a game night.

Friday I worked really hard to get everything done, got a good workout in, and was home by 4:30. I did this so I could change into my bathrobe, cook a nice dinner (fish, cranberry sauce, salad, potatoes) and spend some time painting. I painted two pictures, read for a little, and got to bed early. Just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday I went and got kolaches (a polish pastry) with Elizabeth and was amazed at the turn in the weather. Friday had been blustery and snowy and COLD. Saturday reached the mid 50’s, and I felt myself drawn to the golf course again, to pitch and putt for an hour. I cleaned the house in preparation for Amanda coming over later that night, and then it was off to conference.

I learned that Canopy fired 40% of its employees, over 100 people, including 83% of the sales team. While I did not see Canopy as turning out successful, maybe this is the reset that they need. I was surprised as it comes less than two months after they moved into their new building. I have ben awed by the unity that the people who were let go as well as those who stayed have showed. I do see that as a sign of the good job that CEO Kurt Avarell has done in building company culture.

Other events of the week include more EQ restructuring. We changed lots of ministering assignments to better address struggling individuals, and I had the privilege to participate in a couple blessings, where the love of the Lord was evident.

One of the things that will change with my graduation, is Mom’s calling my letter, “The College Correspondent.” Perhaps a Pizza Periodical is in the near future…


Ok, I’m signing off. I’m beat and need a quick nap.


“Remember, in the end it is the merciful who obtain mercy.”

2 thoughts on “March 10, 2019”

  1. Good afternoon from sunny Walpole. The weather is lovely today after a very snowy/sleet/rain yesterday. It started off as snow and then turned to sleet and then rain. I opted to stay home from church instead of going out in that mess. It is the third Sunday I have missed–one because of sickness and two because of the weather. However, today is perfect. I took my tax info to the accountant, mailed some crosswords from the Boston Globe magazine to my friend, Frannie, in Roanoke, Virginia, a package to Becky which has a pair of Pug Life socks in it. When I saw the socks, I immediately thought of Becky knowing how much she loves pugs. I even had a cute card with a pug that said “Do you need a pug?” I think she will get a kick out of that. I also went shopping for a few things. Oh, to back up a little, I went to the church to copy my supporting documents for my taxes and then shopping. Then I came home and assembled the info for the accountant and then went out again. On Saturday, I had stopped at Stop and Shop for a few items. One of the men was putting strawberries from Florida into the show case-buy one $4.99 and get two free. I gave one package to my friend, Helen, and one to Eunice. The other I kept. I will make strawberry shortcake for a friend when he comes to visit tonight. I gave up desserts for Lent, so I will just have some strawberries with no biscuit. I might put a dab of whipped cream on mine. They are from Plant City, Florida, and this is the time of year when we get them and they are sooooo good.

    I am also trying to finish crocheting a baby blanket for a friend’s daughter who just had her baby yesterday. When I finish it, I will wash and dry it and then send it off to New Hampshire. Then I have to make a baby sweater for a church friend’s new granddaughter. I have been busy, that’s for sure.

    It sounded like you and Amanda hit it off on your dates. That’s nice. One day, you will find your one and only, I am sure of it.

    I always enjoy your letters and look forward to receiving them.

    Take care, have fun, and sending love and hugs.

    Aunt Shirley

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