Letter #95

Dear Family and Friends,

We ran out of the gates to start this transfer, especially me, being determined to finish whatever work I have left. We had invited the zone to join us for a special fast on Saturday and Sunday and as we were united with a special purpose, we saw lots of miracles. On Saturday, we met a family that has been hearing the messages and preparing for baptism. Angela, is a single mother and has three kids.

We also received a referral from the sisters of a young man they had met, Richard, who is 17. The sisters met him Saturday, and we had never met him before picking him up for church on Sunday. Definitely a blessing! He was waiting for us, already to go, and loved church, and the Branch president told us that he likes him and wants to give special attention to that future missionary.

We also were stopped by a churro vendor on Friday. He had actually stopped us in the street about a month ago on a bicycle, but we had never ever found him in house when we stopped by. Well,  he started conversing with us and urged us to also try his wares. A regular ploy by street sellers but we each coughed up 2 reais to eat the worst churros I’ve had in my life. Awful. Yet, the spirit had been strong as we talked and he showed up in church at 8:40, even before we did! He loved it, and promised to bring his wife and son next time.

And, we’ve continued working with a member referral, a couple who are trying to marry, and also have been appreciating the missionary lessons preparing for baptism. I am thankful for the doors that have been opened, the people we’ve taught, and the chance to help them find true happiness. I think I’ve worked with more families in this last week than in the rest of my mission combined and that has made me so happy. Families are forever.

Often I’ve reflected on significant dates, such as D-day or even Veteran´s day, that have no real meaning here in Brasil. And one more of these dates is Father´s day. I reminded my house companions of this fact on Saturday, and they both had forgotten as this holiday is not commemorated here. In fact, it doesn’t even exist. Mother´s day would seem to be universal, as everyone has a mother. Yet, it is difficult to find a family in Brasil where the dad stays with his wife long enough to see the kids grow.

I am so thankful for you dad and for what you did and do for me. I can´t ask for a better example. Father´s truly are essential for a working and thriving society. The Book of Mormon talks a lot about the influence of  ‘traditions of their fathers’ and we are molded by traditions that we are taught. I am thankful for the traditions that I’ve been taught and have been created in our home and hope to always follow them.


Elder Schenewark

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  1. Great letter, Hunter……..I love that you are concentrating on finishing with gusto! Well done, our grandson. We love you. mom mom

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