Letter #93

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week, our branch president here talked with President Young and said we, the four current elders here, are the best he´s seen in his seven years as branch president. I don´t know what we did to merit that exactly, but hey, I´ll take it.

And for whatever reason, or perhaps because of that comment, Pres. Young decided to come to our branch for a church project. They are making some new church video in Salt lake, I don´t know exactly what for, but they asked for footage of recent converts and chose our mission, and Pres. Young chose our branch. So we spent a couple hours with him Sunday helping him get the film made. Yes, it’s brief. yes, perhaps it never will make the final cut. yet, I enjoyed the opportunity as did the new members. And we heard some ´´behind the scenes´´ stories of Pres. Young from his post-mission era.

On Thursday we headed to Vitória and participated in the Young´s last leadership council. Their closing testimonies were touching, especially Sis. Young´s as she talked about how ´´everything good in [her] life came because of the gospel and family.´´ And, how after 42 years of marriage, she is more in love than ever, and certain that ´´only eternity will do.´´

On the work front, we had a zone wide fast and saw the miracles immediately, with everyone scheduled for baptism and confirmation actually happening, and a mission record number of people scheduled to be baptized this week. 17. That number may drop, but this week is still shaping up to be great by all standards, as I prepare to start my last transfer.


Elder Schenewark

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