Letter #88

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was without doubt the craziest on my mission. Monday night, President Young called and said that we needed to go to Vitória that same night, ASAP, so we threw everything in our suitcases and headed out. We arrived late at night, and spent the next day in Vitória, before heading to Serra, my old stomping ground.

We finished the week there, and I was informed today, that I will now be going to Vila Velha, Terra Vermelho Branch. It´s one place I’ve wanted to serve basically since my mission started, so I´m very excited and happy. My companion, again, will be an American, Elder Hatch.

I´m looking forward to our Skype on Mother’s Day, but since I´ll be in a new area, I don’t know anything right now. If you could get a time, and send it next Monday that would help.

During our week in Serra, we baptized Magleisse and Ana Paula, sisters. It was cool, as I had actually taught them the first lesson about two weeks ago on a split with the assistants, and then was able to come back and see the end. We traded places with the AP´s, they went to Colatina for the week.
I know that this isn´t much information, but we´ll talk in a little bit and I´ll let you know more. It’s nice to know, that wherever I go, be it Colatina, Serra, or Vila Velha, the church is the same. And it´s true. I am so glad to be able to share that message with everyone I meet.

Elder Schenewark

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