Letter #87

Dear Family and Friends,
The highlight this week was visiting the city of Baixo Guandu. We did splits there with the elders on Thursday. We witnessed miracles; had a meeting with people and helped prepare them in regards to opening up a new part of the town. The new area will require going across a river to Aimores, Minas Gerais, which as part of another state, was recently annexed to our mission and has never seen missionaries.
In Baixo Guandu, the church has been there for only two years, and has a total of five families who go to church- so it was a huge miracle to stumble across a family of members who recently moved to this city, and did not know about the church.
And beyond seeing the work progress, we also enjoyed one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, as well as seeing the worlds largest coconut.

This weekend Pres. Young visited and conducted our interviews- I learned priceless lessons watching him deal patiently and lovingly with all of the missionaries.



The barbecue streak continued when Uncle Zach´s old mission friend again treated us to restaurant fare- the most famous restaurant of the city- Agua Viva. 10/10. And barbecue yesterday after church. I´m going vegetarian today.
Therezinha, baptized two weeks ago, full of health problems, entered into the hospital last weekend, and was therefore not confirmed, receiving instead the news that she also has diabetes. Nevertheless, she was present yesterday to receive the Holy Ghost and bore a tearful testimony full of joy that touched everyone.
And as I heard, I knew again why the mission is so important. I´m so glad to be able to see lives change, hearts soften, and souls saved.
Elder Schenewark

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