Letter #85

Dear Family and Friends,

This week started with a couple of splits with other missionaries. They were highly productive and got us going towards a great week. Highlights include meeting Waldin, a 74 year old grandmother. She had been praying to know which church she should join, had then subsequently dreamed of the missionaries arriving. And yes, you know the rest of the story. Then we arrived. Unfortunately, serious problems of health prevented her from coming yesterday, but her daughter and granddaughter both visited and loved the church.

Thursday we went to Vitória for our monthly leadership meeting and it was wonderful.

Friday and Saturday were both difficult. Literally everything but rain fell. Our lunches fell through, and almost all our investigators fell through. We had two baptisms planned for Saturday, and they both fell through. It was a sad day, where everything seemed to go wrong. Even with the baptismal font. We had filled it up earlier in the day, but our ward mission leader thought it needed a little more water, so he turned it on again, and then promptly forgot about it. Until it started flooding the whole church. It flooded both bathrooms, a hallway and one classroom. A little bit chaotic, but at least with the design and tiled floors, it didn’t end up causing any lasting damage.

And Sunday, was a day of miracles and new starts. Mariana who had gone incognito Saturday, called us at 10:30 at night, explained the problem and was in church happy to be baptized Sunday. And we hadn’t marked a baptismal date for Therezinha as she had been in the hospital, but unexpectedly was released Saturday night as well, and finally her dream was realized as she was baptized.

Now, I know that what happened to us was nothing compared to what our Savior went through. Nevertheless, we had our afflictions this weekend before the miracles, and more importantly, in the spirit of Easter, I would like to share Elder Wirthlin’s 2006 talk “Sunday Will Come.” Please read it.


And like Elder Wirthlin, I know that Christ is resurrected. He is our Savoir. We likewise can live again and have eternal life. For this reason, we should always have hope. For no matter what we are going through, Christ already conquered and with his grace and help, our Sunday will come, and we will be “joint-heirs with Christ” (Romans 8;17)

Happy Easter, and lots of love!

Elder Schenewark

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