Letter #83

Dear Family and Friends,
AHHH!!!!! That was basically my reaction. I was thinking that his call had arrived, and was, together with Tanner, supplicating heaven that he would make a trio of Schenewark´s in Brasil. The news definitely made my day, and I´m glad we´ll have a chance to spend some time together before he leaves. And all of a sudden, family reunions in the future will be held in São Paulo.
Cooper, I’ve said it once already- start learning Portuguese now! Everybody speaks well of the Campinas mission, and it´s home to the temple. I´m definitely very excited for you Porter!! Congratulations!!
I´m going to start with a culinary highlight. An old mission pal of Uncle Zach, Elder Domiciniano, serves in the branch presidency here. We´ve become acquainted and then friends over weekly Friday lunches. It helps that he´s an amateur master chef. I gave him a packet of Rudy´s sauce to use with his smoker, and he reciprocated by bringing us to I think the best barbeque I´ve had on the mission. I wish I had had a camera as it is something I´ll want to remember.
And now for the weather. Colatina continues to be home of the free steam press. We leave, start sweating buckets, and then the sun bakes the shirt. Works nicely. The locals do say that winter is coming, so we´ll see if it continues.


Today was yet another transfer, and I´ll be staying another in Colatina with E. Dial. We have a lot of investigators progressing so I´m excited about that.
I am so thankful that the Lord called me to serve here. I know that it is the right place. We are very excited for General Conference here. I know that we have a living prophet on the earth, and following him, we´ll never be led astray.
Elder Schenewark

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