Letter #82

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday, we accomplished the triple crown of missionary work: A confirmation, a baptism, and an ordination of a recent convert to the priesthood. We´ll be going after it again this Sunday. So the work is well in Colatina. That was the gem in a week full of them.

Tuesday we went and divided with the assistants. Their area was moved from Vitória to Jardim Limoeiro Ward in Serra. Remember that I served in Serra Ward?

Well, as night was falling we were close to the border between the two wards, and as we walked, we heard a voice calling to us, ´´Elders!´´ We doubled back to see in  the darkness, and then a familiar voice shouted “Schenewark!!!??´´ Truly a miracle. Dayani, one of my first baptisms on the mission, was visiting a friend when she saw us and called us over. I´ve long wanted to see  her again and see how she is doing, so it was definitely a tender mercy. We were able to spend a couple minutes catching up, and I was so happy to hear that while her life is still not without trials, she is firm in the gospel, and going to church every week, preparing to go to the temple. And as she reminded me, yesterday was her one year anniversary as a member (ergo, the ´´one´´ finger in the photo).

We´re preparing for yet another transfer (they keep coming faster and faster) this coming week, as well as a special fireside, to be given by us Sunday, on Tithing and Offerings. Another effort to get the district to a stake.

Love you all!

Elder Schenewark

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