Letter #81

Dear Family and Friends,

Tuesday we went to Vitória for a zone conference, and Thursday was a visit to Aracruz. Our bus here always leaves at 5 in the morning for Vitória,  which is so much better than in Campos! And in between, was the usual hill climbing. I am thankful, as my knees don´t hurt at all, and many missionaries have problems here in Colatina with this.

Every single week here, we have had at least five investigators at church, and this week was no different. This weekend was our District Conference with all the other branches coming into town. Saturday, Pres. Young interviewed us, and ended up buying dinner. I had an idea pop into my mind earlier in the week, and we ended up talking the whole time about this. It´s simple but not easily understood by those not serving a mission in Brasil.  I´ll just say, I´m very excited to see where it will go, as is Pres. Young, and I hope it will spread to the other missions in Brasil, as it could make a huge difference in the church here. Basically, it’s all about numbers and could be compared to baseball switching from old statistics like batting average to AOPS (adjusted on base plus slugging), which is much more efficient. The Lord is hastening his work. Here are some pictures,

Hiking up a mountain Sunday afternoon
This is where Therezinha lives Needless to say, missionaries had never visited there before. Her house address is something like Dirt Road Alley, off of Green Alley, off of Alley 25, off of Happy Street, house without number. She lives in the house in the middle, with the couch on the roof,  on the left side (the right side is a different house). She has quickly embraced the gospel, and at 53 years old, is turning her life around. She came to church yesterday, at a great sacrifice having had emergency surgery for a hernia last Sunday, but wanting to visit.


I´m with Francieli. We thought she was interested in us, but turns out its the gospel too. Every time we leave something for her to read she takes copious notes and is very smart. Unfortunately, she is only 14, and has to wait 3 months to be baptized, but has gone to church twice already, and even brought some friends.

Açai! with Elder Dial.

Love you all!

Elder Schenewark

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