Letter #79 – Capixaba

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow. Can I just say I love the people in Capixaba? It´s been a great first week, and it’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful to be back in Espirito Santo. It’s like I went from Louisiana to Texas. A short distance, but a huge difference.

I’ve said goodbye to black beans. After eating them everyday for 10 months, I’ve been glad to be eating red and brown beans here.

My companion, Elder Braden Lawrence Dial is from the factory, Salt Lake City. So far it´s been good, and we´ve managed to only talk in Portuguese.

One thing that´s cool, and tiring about the Colatina zone, is its by far the largest geographically in the mission. There is lots of traveling. This week I went to Nova Venecia, three hours on a bus going through the hills. Espirito Santo is the Granite State of Brasil, its a huge industry and I love seing the beautifully stunning rock formations here. Colatina is in itself, a city set on a hill. Or hills. My legs are quite sore, and I think my thighs are growing daily. We basically just walk up and down staircases here. It reminds me of mowing with Bro. Overby in Huntington.

And, the people capixaba are so, so much more recepptive. We´ve met and taught some great people this week, and had 7 who visited the church for the first time this Sunday! It was truly wonderful. After honestly struggling in Campos, I´ll have the opportunity to use everything I´ve learned. I know that some great things will be happening here. We met one young man, Leandro, who has truly been prepared by the Lord. He is reading the Book of Mormon daily and Sunday left his house early to bring some of his friends to church! He´ll be a great missionary.

The branch helps a lot. We´ve already received a lot of food, a lot of referalls, and have members who want to teach with us every single day. Oh yeah! Even though technically we belong to a district, the frequency here was 110 yesterday, and the district has more people than the Campos stake. What do we lack? Priesthood. So we´ve set some goals for the zone and we´re focusing on bringing the power of the priesthood here.


Elder Schenewark

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