Letter #70

Dear Family and Friends,

Tuesday we had our zone conference. It was wonderful and brought the Christmas spirit. Sis. Young taught about gratitude and used the powerful example of the Savior. Before feeding the four thousand, He asked for the bread and fish, and gave thanks. Thanks for the little that they had. And, as we know, a miracle then happened. As we have gratitude, we will see miracles happen. She also taught that gratitude is so important, it should be one of the first things we teach to people. As we teach them to pray, they should learn to give thanks. Elder Brito and I were privileged to teach about the plan of salvation. Everything went very well, even lunch.

We had another early, early morning bus ride to Vitória this week, having a division with the assistants to the president. We went poorly prepared thinking it would be another normal hot day, but instead in the afternoon it became really cold, with wind gusting 40 mph and a cold rain beating down on us. But we made it. It´s already reached 118 degrees here in Campos this month so it was a welcome change.

Always, but especially as a zone leader, missionaries call asking for permission to do this, and to do that, and sometimes it can be a little hard. I´ll share just one minor example that changed how I think. The mission made a recent change saying that all the interviews for baptism have to happen in the chapel. This week we had someone asking for an interview to be done in the house, and not the chapel. It seems like such a small thing, but the situation was made clear thinking about Pres. Young. Our zone conference had just finished and I thought, I´d like to develop the spirituality that he has. And then the thought, to do that, I need to do what he would do. Would he hold this interview in the house, or the more difficult place to meet up, at the chapel? Of course, the chapel. I am grateful to have a mission president who values obedience and who sets the example. And, I am eternally grateful for your examples!

Looking forward to seeing y´´all Sunday! We should be calling at about 1 pm your time.

Elder Schenewark

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