Letter #68

Dear Family and Friends,

How is being a zone leader? So far it is fantastic. I´m working with a lot more numbers to crunch and look at what makes me feel more comfortable. There has been a lot more traveling. We journeyed to Vitoria last week for a meeting, and we´ll be going again this week, this time to work for a day with the AP´s. It makes us work harder the other days to make up for it, which is good. Our zone conference was moved to next Tuesday, and we´ll have a Christmas Party, as individual districts Dec. 22.

I can´t believe Sarah finished!

Our zone conference was moved, as Elder Campos, an area authority came to visit for stake conference this weekend. A meeting for the recent converts and investigators was organized and went off wonderfully. Lives truly were changed there. It was interesting as both the adult session Saturday night, and the normal session Sunday morning, a couple of speakers fell through, and Elder Campos spoke for the last hour in each one. And it was wonderful. He´s from the Northeast and has a huge accent. He spoke mostly about keeping the Sabbath day holy. And he spoke powerfully, not worried about offending anyone or being politically correct. It was strong, yet I think it was perfect and what we needed to hear here. At one point, he even asked, “Who left the room at the last supper with Jesus? Well, Judas Iscariot.” Then, he said, “If you leave during the sacrament, you are being like who?”

We exceeded our attendance goal, and have another meeting marked with the Stake President to look at how we can still improve.

The plane crash has definitely been the news of the week. Everyone´s talked about it, and it even led to one person in the zone deciding to be baptized rather than wait longer as she could see that there are no guarantees for tomorrow. The customs here are different, so I honestly haven´t seen any flags at half staff (or any flags at all for that matter) but three days of mourning and remembrance was declared by the president. One of the players, Bruno, is as fate would have it from this city here, Campos, and yesterday his funeral entourage went throughout the city and lots and lots of people paid their respects from the sidewalk.

I love the new Christmas initiative and we are trying to do something here everyday as well. It’s a great and easy way to help others and bring them to Christ. Be the light of the world!


Elder Schenewark

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