Letter #67

Dear Family and Friends,

It took about two days to settle in here, but since then its been great. First, our area is fantastic. Its nice to  be back in a ward. And this ward is missionary minded! I think we’ve already received more referrals in this one week than in the rest of my mission combined. And we´re working on marrying three couples. We were with one couple yesterday, talking about marriage and the conversation went something like this: E. Brito ´´Would you marry her?´´ Husband; ´nods head.´ E. Brito ´´Wow!!! That sounds like a proposal! Do you accept?´´ Wife; ´nods head´

My companion Elder Brito is from São Paulo. He left Quissamã when I arrived, and has been zone leader here for two transfers so I’ve gotten to know him a bit. He was baptized at age 12, with his two older brothers. All three stayed active, and served missions. His mother was baptized just a couple months ago. She gained a testimony in part because Elder Brito finished the Duty to God program and for every section reported to his mom about what he did. While resisting for years, she now is an active member of the Church with a calling and everything. I really like him and he has helped me a lot already. Very spiritual. This will be a wonderful transfer.

Being essentially isolated for the last five transfers, I’ve been a little out of the loop about what´s been happening here. We met with the stake president on Saturday and it was definitely a needed meeting. He teaches fighting, and you don´t want to be on his wrong side! Already this week, we’ve had two relatively major problems that have had to be resolved and this hasgiven me a look at how hard it can be to be a leader. When Pres. Young called me last week, he said, teach about obedience every opportunity you have. So we have, and I feel like the ambiance of the zone is already changing.

Thursday, we´re heading to Vitoria, Saturday is our zone conference, and this weekend is Stake conference. It´s going to be busy here!

Always be obedient! Love,

Elder Schenewark

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