Letter #63

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we made the trek a couple times to the country, to visit Michely. After coming to church 10 times, she didn´t go last week, or yesterday and everythings been thrown into doubt. At least, we enjoyed the nice walk. Lots of vultures, cows, dogs, angry dogs, and the occasional horse.

We´ve been teaching a family recently and yesterday, Daniel was baptized. He´s 16, and the first thing you notice about him his handicap. He can´t move his legs very well. I don´t remember the exact term, but its hard for him to walk, as they seize up without any notice. You notice that first, but after knowing him, you realize what really sets him apart is his heart. He´s completely humble and full of love. Loves to laugh and is always smiling. He´s been reading the Book of Mormon every day, and his dream is to go on a mission.

Yesterday, we took the customary photos, and then on our way to the font, climbing up the stairs to the second story, he fell. We helped him finish the trip, and then I had the absolute privilege to jump into a jump suit and help with the baptism. Elder Cordeiro performed the ordinance and I helped a little with the lifting. It took three times, but everyone left edified and happy. He´s setting a great example not just for his mother and brothers, but also, his cousins.


Saturday night, we held an activity at the church. Christmas themed to get into the spirit. We had made sugar cookies earlier and all the kids decorated them. Had 10 kids, and everyone loved it. Unbeknownst to me, sugar cookies are decidely american, and it was cool to do somehting new here. The Pace´s had sent christmas tree and snowman cookie cutters, and the recipe.

Yesterday, we also had a missionary activity where the members left to help in the work, talking with people in the street, knocking on doors, etc. for an hour. I left with senhor Pedro, an elderly man, and the first counselor in the branch presidency. We had a great time, taught some wonderful lessons, testified a lot about families and the importance of them and the Spirit was felt throughout. However, at the risk of saying a little too much, I´ll just say, the funniest part of the week was with him. I rang a doorbell, and he said ´´I´ll be back´´ before dashing across the street and behind a tree. Thankfully no one opened the door, because they would have seen someone attempting to hide behind an awfully thin tree giving nutrients to the ground, and a missionary on their doorstep doubled over in laughter.

I have no idea what really is going on over there, but knowing that tomorrow is the first Tuesday of November, here´s a scripture I read earlier this week. Alma 10;23
´´But it is by the prayers of the righteous that ye are spared;´´


Elder Schenewark

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