Letter #62

Dear Family and Friends,

The big day this week was Thursday, when we all traveled down to Campos for a zone meeting. I had been asked to give a training about using our time with effectiveness, and had duly prepared. The meeting started at 9, and I think everyone was floored (except the ZL´s) when Pres. and Sister Young walked in at 9:05. It was an unexpected visit. The good news, my presentation went well and Pres. Young brought the mail and a box from Vitoria. I had 1/2 hour to talk about using time wisely, and had pondered and pondered how to do this and in the end ended up just showing a bunch of numbers and making calculations to illustrate what we are doing as a mission, and what we can and should be doing. Pres. Young, also being a fan of numbers, loved it.

Afterwards, I was interviewed along with the other pair of missionaries. They’ve been having some challenges, and it was a good chance to help them. I’ve learned and always been very impressed with Pres. Young that he always shows love. Simply loves everyone. And for this, everyone likes him. This end of the week, the spirit in our house has increased substantially. It made me remember that our houses should be like the temple. And of course, the letters and box were wonderful. I’ve enjoyed once again using contacts.

We’ve continued teaching a family, Marta, and her three sons. We held an activity at the church this weekend with the youth to help them get to know some more people. It was disappointing, as this, our 4th activity here, we have not had any leaders of the branch show up. Each time it has just been us, the missionaries, and sometimes the secretary of the branch. There is no mutual here, no seminary, nothing- just the Sunday meetings. Nevertheless, it went well, and we´ll keep holding these activities as they have been quite effective. This time, the big hit was playing UNO.

In the time I’ve been here, we’ve been invited to countless churches, and never went for various reasons. Yesterday, we decided to accept an invite to visit the `´Comunidade Evangelical de Sião´´ just a local church here. We had knocked on the Pastor´s door earlier in the week, and his brother in law is an active LDS member with sons who have likewise served missions. So we went. It was an interesting experience, and we´ll be waiting for him now to visit the church this coming Sunday.

Just one thought this week. I was able to converse quite a bit with Sister Young, Thursday, and I really liked one thing she shared with me. Dctorine and Covenants 121;46

´´The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion and thy scepter an unchanging scepter of righteousness and truth; and thy dominion shall be an everlasting dominion, and without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee forever and ever.´´

This verse, she explained, is really a  vision of the Celestial Kingdom. I hope that you have the Holy Ghost at all times this week,


Elder Schenewark

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