Letter #54: Transfers…..Looks like he’s gonna train!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I´m anxiously awaiting transfer news. I have a feeling I´ll be training a new missionary again. The call should be coming any second.

Our activity Monday was a blast. Great turnout, members and friends, lots of games (water balloons on a cold day here had everybody dying), and delicious churros and juice. Everyone wants to do it again.

Friday, I celebrated my one year mark by drinking water from the states, making pancakes, and filming a short video at night. I´ll try to send it. (its big, 2 gb, so I don´t think its going to work. It was a memorable night, and fun to do this ´´interview´´.

Among countless others, one thing that has changed on my mission is fasting. I have gained a strong testimony of its power, and it has changed from being a drudgery, into a privilege. If you haven´t fasted recently, I encourage you to do so. The power of Heaven is felt as we sacrifice.

Update: I will be training, and therefore will be making the long trip to Vitoria, leaving later this night, before returning to Itaperuna. A nice two days of traveling in the near future. So, we´ll leave this as a weak letter, and I´ll start getting ready. I am super excited!!!! Its been about five months since I´ve been in Espirito Santo (and Vitoria) so it will be great to visit. Bus rides aren´t the best, but can´t complain. Ok, até mais. I don´t know anything about my new companion, Elder Cordeiro, but I know one of the others who will be coming here, Elder T. Santos, my old companion. Love you all!!!

Elder Schenewark

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