Letter #53

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, the Olympics are over. Each day people here started enjoying them more and more. On Saturday, we knew that Brasil was playing for the gold, and would hear some shouts, and then, when we were walking home, the streets, the bars just erupted. Brasil got the gold!

On Monday, it was 2 in the afternoon, and we were just resting and then Sister Young calls and says, we´re on our way to your apartment. We of course did a quick clean up, and it turned out to be a great visit. They came mainly to install a carbon dioxide alarm. Because we don´t have a heater, its not a big concern, but is a new rule for missionary houses all over the world. And they brought 3 boxes!! and lots of letters.

The Lozada´s, Merritt´s, and Bach´s each sent a box that was wonderful. I think I have enough food to last until the next year, new razors, and am just basking in the love from them and the other letters. Thank you very much!! Also, as our house was clean (relatively) Sister Young gave us 40 reais to buy ice cream.

The next morning we left early to go to zone conference and the Spirit there was of course wonderfully edifying. This time, the theme was the Book of Mormon. I gave a talk, and we watched the old film ‘The Book of Mormon, How Rare a Possession.’ Pres. Young said it was a challenge to hunt it down in Portuguese, but definitely worth the trouble.

I think this week I may have walked more than in any week in my mission. We’ve been teaching some people in the countryside, where there is no bus service and its a long walk there and back. We’ve been trailing the dusty roads this week.

For the second week in a row, I taught the youth Sunday School class. What amazes me, is that there is 10 kids, and all 10 have been members less than 2 years. And they are strong. We’ve been planning an activity for a while that will happen this afternoon. We´ll be shutting down the street, playing volleyball, making churros, and popcorn with all the youth members and our investigators.

This week, as we walked to a recent convert, I had the distinct impression that I needed to offer to help teach her about geneaology, using familysearch.org. As soon as we got to here house, she asked for help with her family tree,  and I knew that we both were following the holy ghost. We’ve spent some time this past week helping and she has caught the bug. It´s been very cool to watch.

Tanner and Annemarie are leaving the states, Porter´s going to college. Cooper´s now the man of the house. My, how things change. By the way, I totally visited dateland!! First day in the mission field, we had a date shake there and stopped for gas. Good times…  Next week is transfers, I can´t believe they´re here all ready. Its gone by quick. I´m expecting to stay (95% certain) but I think at least 2 or possible all three of the other missionaries here will be leaving.

Life´s short and full of changes. What amazes me and fills my heart is that the gospel doesn´t change. We have the same challenge to `be holy`as did the ancients. Heavenly Father loved us yesterday, loves today, and will love us tomorrow. Christ suffered for our sins. Our old sins, our current faults, and what we will do in the future. If we come to him, we will receive forgiveness and peace.

Love you all!!!

Elder Schenewark

P.S. Did you know that they’ve already come out with a Gordon B Hinckley manual for next year?   And about contacts, I meant just to mail them to the mission office directly, or if they had to go to Granbury first. Also, remember to keep my gums and teeth in your prayers!

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