Letter #51

Dear Family and Friends,

Piano class had five students. It was harder to teach than I thought, yet I enjoyed it and already have lessons prepared for the next three weeks.

We were in the street when a man named Manoel invited us to come to his house. He´s 58 years and has suffered about every accident you could imagine, including losing his arm in a work accident. It was definitely one of the coolest lessons I’ve been part of on the mission as we taught him the Plan of Happiness, including how one day he will have a resurrected body.


I’ve included some pictures of a burger called the “When you´re hungry.” It includes five types of meat: slice of ham, burger patty, lots of bacon, loin chop patty, and shredded grilled chicken. It was deeelicious. We were celebrating Elder Santana´s ´´Almost there´´ 20 month mark. Good times.

The Olympics have been surprisingly quiet here. I think many people are more interested in the Pokemon Go! which launched this week. I don´t know how it is there, but we have seen many people on bikes, in cars, and walking glued to their screens oblivious to the real world. I really like Elder Bednar´s talk on this subject, on living in the world. And as Jacob says in Jacob 4:13, the spirit will teach about things as they really are.


Elder Schenewark

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