Letter #45

Letter #45

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, you commented that my letters have been getting a little shorter, and I think that´s going to continue this week. There just really isn’t much happening.

This week has been really, really tough in terms of work. We keep plugging along, but don´t seem to be making progress. We literally did not get into any houses this week. If we ask for water, they bring it out. If we offer to leave a message, they come out to hear. We have been unable to teach a second lesson for about two weeks. The only place we actually entered, were the tents of a different gypsy camp.

We are now reporting attendance of Sacrament meeting, and this week, only 26 made it to church. Yesterday, I was the final speaker in sacrament, and talked 20 minutes on how to increase power in the priesthood.

Also this week, we were able to have a zone conference and interviews with Pres. Young. Like always, it was wonderful to have, and the time passed so, so quickly.

Later today, we will be going to visit some old sugar cane plantation houses, which I´m excited for. Like I said, that´s really it. We´re putting in a full day of work and making sure we do our part and I’m really enjoying having Elder Cavalcante as a companion, so life here is good. To leave a challenge, it would be to do as Elder Russell M. Nelson said in April conference. “Pray to know how to pray to have more power in the priesthood. And, remember he said, if you really want more power, it’s important to embrace both your spouse and her counsel.

Love you all!!!

Elder Schenewark

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