Letter #44

Letter #44

Dear Family and Friends,

The mission is rocking right now. The work is tough here, no one went to church yesterday. Yet, I finally feel like we are doing everything right, guided by the spirit and I am loving every minute.

Nothing big to report, just little moments each day I never want to forget. Quissamã is home to the Tender Mercies. I love Elder Cavalcante, He’s a great missionary. Tuesday, he thought we should fast, so we did, and immediately we saw some blessings, meeting new people and receiving some guidance on what we could do better.

Lately, we’ve been praying a lot in people´s houses. When they say yes, we would like a prayer here, we ask what they would ask Jesus Christ for, if he were here in our place. And then kneel and pray. It’s been amazing. The Spirit is always there, filling the house. And, together with our English class initiative, we´re starting to gain more and more traction here in Quissamã. What we had been doing, just wasn’t effective here, and I really like our new route.


And, yesterday, we saw a big one. We were sitting at a park bench after lunch yesterday, teaching an old man, and a person on a bike stopped and asked to talk with me. He said that he´d been visiting a doctor, getting treated in Campos (other city) for some time, and the doctor, who is a member of the church said he should talk to missionaries. So, he stopped us, and we´re returning to his house today!

protest against the gov’t

Elder Cavalcante has been helping me learn how to cook like a Brasilian. It’s been fun, and brought a lot odd variety into my cookbook. But, this week, we opened up the Rudy´s sauce and that was fantastic.  You just can´t beat the best.

That´s about it. Like I said, nothing big to report. This week we´ll head up to Campos for a meeting and pick up the mail there. Share the gospel with someone this week!


Elder Schenewark

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