Letter #42

Dear Family and Friends,

On Wednesday, we went up to Campos and spent a little bit of time that night working with other missionaries. We spent the night there, and early in the morning, we went to an orthopedic doctor. The news wasn’t encouraging, but they couldn’t make any diagnostics without an MRI or ultrasound, and the earliest we could get one of the tests is in one week,

We tried going to another doctor, but to no avail. The same thing happened there. We ended up spending hours in the city talking with doctors and eventually Pres. Young. We returned back to our house Thursday night.


Friday, Pres. Young asked us to return to try another doctor because we need the tests, but unfortunately they had no way to make the exams happen. Elder Cardoso decided to return to Curitibia and have everything done there. We waited for hours for each doctor, then they do a quick five minute exam, tell us he has something wrong, but don´t know exactly what.

So it’s been a crazy week. We haven´t really been able to do anything. This week is transfers, so he will leave for Vitoria tomorrow, and my new companion will be Elder Cavalcante, who will be coming tomorrow. I think I’ve already met him, but I can´t quite put a face to the name. I´ll find out tomorrow.

This week, we had two English classes. 11 children showed up on Tuesday, 10 not being members of the church. And on Saturday, we had a class of 20 show up. They both went really well, but with Elder Cardoso leaving, we are moving back to Saturday only class.

When we went to Campos, we were able to pick up the newly arrived mail, and A PACKAGE! thank you mom. It was filled with some wonderful food and letters. I’ve already read the journal you sent and that was definitely a great surprise.

And I will mail my glasses this week. I have a box, I’ve already talked to the post office here about the price and its not bad at all. So it will be on its way soon. I´m just looking for something good to put in it. And the credit card arrived here safely. I´ll probably buy some new shoes here some time in the next month.

Campos is a pretty ugly city overall, I like Vitoria and Serra a lot better, yet we visited this one city square that is beautiful. It looks like European. I remembered today is D-day, and it was pretty cool to see a world war II monument here in Brasil.


Elder Schenewark


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