Letter #41

Dear Family and Friends,

This week, Priscilla was baptized. It was wonderful. She´s been carefully studying the church for 2.5 years, since December 2013, and hasn’t missed a Sunday for eight months. And, last week, she decided she was ready. The service was wonderful. Packed house, people drove two hours from the stake, who knew her, to be here. We ended up having five brief testimonies, turned the rest down, and two special musical numbers. Including one by Elder Cardoso and I. We sang The Spirit of God in English for her, as she speaks it okay and it’s one of her favorite songs. And lots of cake at the end. A day I´ll never forget. She said she has this day engraved forever on her heart too. I felt the spirit strong Sunday, when she was receiving the Holy Ghost.

We bought some cheap batteries to try out on the piano, and it turns out really cheap. Sunday, the batteries died before i even played the intro to the first song. So we were without music. But the branch will invest in some better ones.

Elder Cardoso has been having pains in his legs since his first day here but has tried to get though it. Well, it’s been getting worse. We´re traveling Wednesday to visit an orthopedic doctor and we´ll see what will happen. he thinks he will have to go home. So keep him in your prayers.

Like I’ve already mentioned, Quissamã is a small country town. Lots of people have farms and gardens. Which means lots of fresh food. I’ve never been a fan of avocado, but that’s beginning to change. Members here blend avocado with milk and just a little sugar, and it is deeeelicious. A recipe I´ll be bringing back.

This week at English class, it unfortunately overlapped with a Relief Society activity, and our number of members dwindled, but, we had our best showing yet with twenty investigators, almost entirely kids between 12-16 who showed up alone, and it went really well. We’ve decided to open up a second class on Tuesdays as there have been a lot of people asking. A couple are starting to get interested in the church as well.


Elder Schenewark

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