Letter #40

Dear Family and Friends,

Yes, I heard about the new clothing rules today! For now, lets just wait. Pres. young and some of the leaders of the mission will be meeting to decide what will be done. I can get a good hat here really inexpensive, and will probably not use sunglasses at all.

This week, we continued visiting all the less actives. We’ve been working on helping a family return to the church, and this week, the oldest child, Antonio was baptized!!! He´s 8, and had already been taught by other missionaries, but then they were transferred. We´re glad to have been able to help. And one investigator, Priscilla, who is one of the coolest investigators ever, is talking about getting baptized Saturday! She´s been attending church 8 months now, every single Sunday (stake conference, general conference, everything) and finally feels ready. We´re excited!

This week we received permission from the middle school here to visit and invite everybody to our English class. We visited every single classroom, over 500 kids in total, and talked about what we do. It was really fun, and they loved our presentation. And, Saturday, we ended up having 28 people for our English class! The new record, but I think we´ll break it Saturday again. It was really challenging to teach everyone, but we prepared and it went off well. And it was a really good mix of members/non-members. Quite a few kids from the school came, but no parents. Many invited us to their house though, so we´ll be able to visit more this week.

When we went to church here the first time, we discovered that there was not a piano here. We talked to the branch president, President Luis, and he said a  member had taken it to their house a couple years ago, to learn how to play. Well, turns out it changed hands quite a bit, and wasn´t working, but after tracking it down, and putting in new batteries its playing! This Sunday was the first time in a long time they´ve had music here, and it was good. I played with the simplified hymn book. After a couple years without any piano  the branch members have an affinity to sing really slow, and I have a tendency to play fast, so at some parts it got interesting, but we made it through in relative harmony.

Last night, my companion got upset over something, so I heard him out, but it was really difficult. Then, I prayed. This year, I’ve studied about charity A LOT but last night I followed the counsel of Moroni to `pray unto the Father with all the energy of thy heart, that ye may be filled with this love` And as I did, I had a very distinct impression say, when you are done praying, get up, give him a hug, and tell him you love him. So I did. And all the resentment left. the Spirit returned. the unity returned. The promises contained in the Book of Mormon are real.


Elder Schenewark

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  1. Nice letter, Hunter. Sorry you had an issue with your companion. You certainly did the right thing–good for you. Sending love and hugs. Aunt Shirley

  2. You mentioned in this letter that you would buy a hat and probably not wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are important for the health of your eyes–they can burn from sun rays just as your skin, so it is best to wear them when you are out in the bright sun.

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