Letter #31

Letter #31

Dear Family and Friends,

Today we found out about transfers. Elder Soares is leaving to go to Colatina to be a zone leader and I´ll be staying here. My new companion is Elder T. Santos and he´ll be district leader here.

This week, we prepared Adinto to be baptized, the soy bean broker, and he was interviewed and ready but then on Friday he had to go out of town for work, and we´re still waiting for him to return.

It looks like you all are having lots of fun out there, minus the sickness bug. Congrats to Aunt Tina for the wedding! Cool that all the siblings made it there.

It´s finally been raining here a little this week. It’s hot all day, and then at about 7 pm each night the heavens open.

Dayani who was baptized last week, works selling Capixabi cap, a state lottery, on the streets. She makes practically no money, but doesn’t complain. Some days, she spends more money on the bus fares to get there then she makes. Between the actual work, and the travel, she´s gone about 16 hours. It’s crazy. And Magno, who was baptized two weeks ago, lost his job for the government as a stonemason, and now sells honey on the street. It´s really opened my eyes. They both work hard, make practically no money, and yet don´t complain.

There have been a couple of government protests this week, and people have been trying to impeach the President. They´re both loving the gospel, and you can really tell it brings them hope.

Sorry I haven´t written much today. I keep writing, and then erasing and then writing and erasing. I have some thoughts, but they aren’t quite developed, so I´ll hold onto them for a little longer.

I finished my first journal, am working on the second, so in about 4-6 months, just thinking ahead, it would be nice if you could send one. I ended with these words:

“Texas to Utah to Arizona to Espirito Santo. Immeasurable growth. Innumerable experiences.”

I really have learned lots. And it’s interesting that oftentimes, the lessons we need to learn are the ones we don´t want to. I´m grateful that I’ve had this opportunity to be here, and to learn to say `thy will, not mine.’

I´m excited to be able to stay here in Serra; I feel like there really is a lot of work left to do here.


Elder Schenewark

P.S. I still need to mail the glasses, and the only place that fixes cameras is in Vitoria, but I´ll be going there to get it fixed, and will have lots more pictures

Enjoy the view.

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  1. Nice letter, as usual. Tina’s wedding was very nice and Aunt Jenny’s home was beautiful. She had flowers and candles everywhere to add to the ambiance. It was so nice to see all of your aunts and uncles together. I’m sure Mimi and Grampy were happy to have all of their children around. The only one missing was Laura. Tina looked beautiful, and Jeannette and Alana were very busy taking pictures. I took quite a few myself. Your Mom and Breyer came home with me on Friday night–your Mom drove which was great. I don’t like to drive at night, and driving from Lunenburg to Walpole is a very long drive, especially at night. Breyer was out of sorts and was whiny quite a bit. I think there was lots of excitement for her being with her cousins, the wedding, and just her schedule being changed as well as sleeping at the Bachs two nights and my place another night. I made blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and she really wasn’t up to eating. Your Mom fed her the pancakes but nothing settled in her tummy and she was sick on the way back to Northboro. Thank heavens for a trash bucket in my car!! I don’t think beige and red from the blueberries would have been a good match!! I gave them my bed and I slept on a cot that I borrowed from New Pond Village. I didn’t sleep too well because my knees ached and the cat–Annabelle–was trying to sleep on my bed and also the chair next to the bed. Your Mom and Breyer slept very well. It was fun having your Mom here for overnight. If we hadn’t been so tired, I think we would have sat up and talked longer. In the morning, I put on some children’s programs that Comcast has to keep Breyer occupied. I then went to exercise and your Mom and Breyer joined me. Your Mom did some weights and stretches, and Breyer played with the weights on the floor.

    We were supposed to have a luncheon at Mimi’s on Sunday afternoon, but with the household sick, that was cancelled. That night, we had snow into the morning. We didn’t get what was predicted, but I understand that north of Boston on 93, the roads were very treacherous. Happy to be here and not have to drive anywhere in the bad weather.

    Easter will be here soon–it is so early this year. I wish for you and your companions a Blessed Easter. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

    Aunt Shirley

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