June 8-14: Bonds of Affection

Two dates happened this week, but I should clarify that this post’s title comes from Matt Holland’s book about Winthrop, Jefferson, Lincoln, and their idea of charity – nothing else.

Tuesday I had a date with Sarah, whom I met via Mutual. She is studying English at BYU, and served her mission in Singapore. For this date, we made acai bowls. Robert and Haylie came over as well, and we cut up a bunch of (mostly) tropical fruit and blended up some acai. My favorite is made by blending acai with a little of guarana and banana, but we made do with just the acai and banana. Adding a little condensed milk on top, they turned out delicious! We then played scattergories and bananagrams.

Friday was my second date with Hannah. It was PERFECT! A lot of that has to do with things I can’t control – weather, crowds, etc – so it was wonderful that allwas well. I picked her up at 7:30 and we drove half an hour up to Squaw Peak, talking the whole time and enjoyingour time together. We made it to the trailhead and headed up, through the wonderful meadow and to Buffalo Peak. This time, we made it at the right moment, and even though some clouds rolled in, saw a beautiful sunset. We found a small spot to sit, and then Hannah surprised me by pulling out homemade cranberry/blueberry muffins. I had mentioned that they are my favorite type, but I never imagined she’d make them for me. It was very kind. We stayed a little too long at the top talking, and by the time we made it back to the van, it was quite dark out.


Deseret Industries opened up this week, and on Wednesday I made a trip with Porter to check out all the new inventory they put up. I ended up buying  some new books and a pair of temple shoes. And a golf bag that I quickly resold for a nice profit. They always price bags super low, so I try and pick up one every visit, and it usually pays for anything else I buy.

Thursday I went golfing at the Ranches with Mike and Kimball.

Last Sunday, some ladies from the ward commented that they really wish that more social events would happen in the ward. At that time, official activities were a no-go, but we decided to do a little get-together at a park. We all brought some food and grilled burgers and hot dogs, and played some outdoor games. About 30 people showed up, beating my estimate, and it turned out well…even if I lost in spike ball. 

Saturday was also my final time studying for the LSAT, which felt amazing, and I made sure to give Porter all the books and study material. No mas for me.

It’s been a week of cleaning all-around. We had our carpets cleaned. My email inbox is under 20 for the first time in three months.

And, after a few weeks of temperatures in our house daily reaching 80 degrees, the repairman fixed the problem so our swamp cooler is now working again. Talking with the rental management company was frustrating as it took two weeks and preliminary visits for what was in the end a 10-minute fix. My sleep has improved since then as I no longer wake up due to the heat.

Sunday Porter was the beneficiary of leftover burgers and this little guy. Meant to be a pie, turned out more like a pile of strawberries with a crust underneath.

We played scrabble, and this time I lucked out with unbeatable letters – played ‘laxities’ for 80+ points – and cruised to the finish line.

We had a good time talking about dating and I learned a lot, getting his opinion on some very relevant issues that I was wondering about. And he gave me a priesthood blessing as I take the LSAT tomorrow morning.

This scripture from the Book of Mormon struck me today. It’s Alma 31:35. Referring to Alma and his struggles to preach the gospel, it says:

Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are our brethren…”

I know that we are all beloved daughters and sons of our Heavenly Parents. As we view others as our brothers and sisters, and people with divine potential, our enmity and rancor will disappear. All of it.

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  1. Good evening, Hunter–

    Sounded like both of your dates were very nice, especially the one with Hannah. She’s very pretty and you two look very cute together. Glad it was a fun time for you. The scenic pictures you posted were beautiful.

    The picture of the strawberry pie looked amazing. I bought a two-pound box of strawberries today for $5.99. I tested one, and it was delicious. I also bought some whipped cream–the squirt type, as it will last longer. I guess I will have to make my shortcake biscuits so I can have strawberry shortcake. I have a great recipe and what I don’t eat, I freeze for future use. Leif always loved my shortcake, but since I am not with him anymore, he doesn’t get any. I’ve had the strawberry shortcake from here and the don’t do it right. The just slice the strawberries and put them on top of the biscuit and some whipped cream. There isn’t any juice with the strawberries, and you certainly need that to make it extra special.

    Will you get to see your Aunt Becky while she is in Utah meeting her granddaughter? I wish she would wear a mask when she is with the baby. After all, she flew from NH to Utah, and we are still doing social distancing and wearing masks. The baby is vulnerable, but it’s none of my business.

    I saw the video of Breyer with Wagner on FB, and it was so cute. She’s getting to be a big girl.

    Let me know how you think you did with your LSAT exam today. I’m sure you did great, as you’ve really worked very hard studying for it. I hope it all went well for you.

    Porter had called me again last week. I was thrilled to hear from him. He was on the way to your house last Sunday for his weekly dinner. I think it is great to have your brothers near you. You are all so close and that is awesome.

    I remember at Thanksgiving when we went to the community center in Northboro near Grampy’s and Mom-Mom’s house. Actually it was the day after Thanksgiving. Rich came with some of his kids, Laura Beth was there with her two girls, and they all got together playing board games or card games. They all had so much fun and they all get along so well. That is so great. I wish my cousins and I were close like that, but we weren’t. I’m very close to my cousin Loraine who now lives in Tennessee. We get to see each other once a year at the ship reunion, but this year it was canceled, so I won’t see her. We do talk on the phone, though, and that’s a good thing.

    We’ve started having some activities outside–with a small group and social distancing. I’ve been doing the Stretch and Tone exercise class on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Last week was the first time. I had to add a little more to my program to make it last for 45 minutes. Everyone likes it and thanks me for it each time. It’s good for me, too. Our social hours are on the patio on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with weather permitting. Not sure what this week will bring, as the weather is going to change towards the end of the week, ie: showers and thunderstorms. Last night, we were on the patio and we heard thunder that was getting closer, so we all departed. We never had an ounce of rain. It was a very spotty weather pattern. We do need the rain for the gardens, though.

    I went to the garden this morning to water. My cucumbers look awful. Only two plants survived out of six. I went to Rocky’s in Walpole, as they have plants, but there wasn’t a plant to be had. I guess I’ll have to see what I get with just the two plants, and something has been eating the leaves. The zucchini and summer squash plants are doing great, as are my tomato plants and, of course, the weeds!! The green beans seem to be o.k. The pepper plants–only two out of 6. You couldn’t even recognize the basil. Something has eaten it or done something, but it looks awful. It looks like I will have squash, green beans and tomatoes. I do have some tomatoes on one of the plants. I have to go to the garden in the morning and trim back the leaves on the bottom of the tomato plants so that the energy goes into the upper leaves and tomatoes. I didn’t have time to do that this morning, because our knitting group got together at 10:00 until 11:30. We were sitting on the patio when the sprinklers came on and some of us got a little wet as they turned toward the patio Good for a few laughs anyway. I decided not to do the yoga class which was after the knitting. It just about killed me last week, so I decided against it. A little to strenuous for me.

    Wheel of Fortune is on, so I am going to watch that. Enjoy the evening and I am sending you lots of love and hugs.

    Aunt Shirley

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