June 2nd, 2019

On May 18th, I received a call from the Stake Secretary asking me to meet the Stake President, President Curtis, the next day. He interviewed me, and then extended the call to serve as Elder’s Quorum President. I’ve enjoyed my month off, but am so, so happy to have this opportunity again. I love the chance to serve. I met with the Bishop, Bishop Miner, for an hour, and we talked about ward goals and upcoming plans. While it is the same calling, it is a completely different feel from the Crestwood. First, I had already lived at the Crestwood for one year, and knew most people. I’ve been here for one month, and am still trying to even learn the name of everyone. Crestwood had lots of less-actives and the population was fairly old for a YSA ward, averaging perhaps 26. This ward has great attendance, and I am within the average age, as the vast majority are between 22-25. Calling counselors was easy; the Spirit had impressed upon me quite clearly who should be called, and I’m really excited to see what the next few months bring. The Bishop did say that there was a high likelihood that I wouldn’t serve too long – the stake tries to call people who haven’t had this calling before to give them the experience, but he said that as soon as he met me, he felt impressed that I was the person they’ve been looking for to fill this calling. Last Sunday my counselors and I were sustained, so its off to work, no wasting a minute.

“Each of us has an equal chance of getting food borne illness. However, some people are at greater risk.” This is a quote from my food manager’s class, intended to last for 8 hours. Unfortunately, the rest of the class wasn’t that much better. It amazes me that one must only achieve a 70% on the test to earn a food manager’s permit. And the questions are so simple. Like, “Can you eat hamburger after leaving it out for 5 hours?” That’s not verbatim, but its close. The 60 question quiz was over in under 20 minutes, and I passed. I just finished the paperwork yesterday for the last of the requirements, and am now officially renting a commercial kitchen.
Given the chance that this is my one summer in Utah, I’ve been ambitiously exploring the great outdoors here. For Memorial Day, my friend Jonathan, cousin Kayla, and I went and hiked Squaw Peak.
It was was harder than I expected. the trail was muddy from all the rain, and everybody was slipping around and sinking up to their shins in mud at places. But we made it.
The summit was initially enshrouded in dense fog, but after a few minutes cleared up a bit, showcasing the valley and Utah Lake below. On the return down, Kayla slipped once and her feet went way up in the air and she landed hard on her back. It was undoubtedly painful, but she was a trooper and we finished, well-worn out.
Beat, I figured it was time for a movie and so my roommate Carson and I watched La La Land. What a movie. I highly recommend.
On Saturday I went with Jonathan south to Springville and we kayaked through some marshes eventually reaching Utah Lake. It was a 3.5 mile round trip, and quite enjoyable. It was perhaps the most isolated I’ve ever been in Utah, with no one else in sight or hearing, and felt like a trip to a foreign land.
I’ve accepted a job with BambooHR. It should be a good position, and hopefully it provides some challenges and opportunities. I’ll start next Monday. (June 10).
Tuesday after my come follow me group met, we held a pie night, and celebrated my roommate, Tyler’s, birthday.
The other roommate, Carson, organized it, as he really just wanted to invite a girl he was interested in over. I made key lime pie, and a chocolate cream, and a banana cream pie. They were all gone, and it was a really good time, with about 12-14 people total. A friend Jacob attended, and then he invited us to go to a bonfire. Normally I decline things like that, but this time went, and he introduced me to some of his friends. And we set up a triple date with some of them for Thursday.
That was a lot of fun! I went with Emma, a pysch major from Logan, Utah. The six of us played sand volleyball and were planning to do some chalk art when the heavens opened, and we decided to hightail it. We returned to my house for some ice cream, and played the game hyper-thetical for a bit, before the conversation turned to scary stories. Which definitely had me feeling some goosebumps. It was a really fun night.
Friday was a day to remember. Like normal, we had book club on Wednesday. But, this week was different as the organizer, Carl Scott, held a “Locke Walk” on Friday. We are reading Rousseau’s First and Second Discourse, and for those interested, he put together a small packet that contained John Locke’s idea of a natural man, which will be important in helping us understand Rousseau’s ideas. We (four of us) walked along a trail near Bridal Veil Falls, that followed the Provo River, and talked about our takeaways.

Bridal Veil Falls

I went as long as I could, about 45 minutes, then sprinted back to my car and headed for the Cedar Hills Golf Course to play 9 holes with Mark. It started raining as we teed off, (an absolutely gorgeous tee shot, down to the fairway 200 feet below, my drive went 380, just to the right of the green,) and by the second hole was a downpour. Everyone else cleared off the course, but we decided to park our cart (I wasn’t happy about getting one, but it was worth every penny due to the rain) facing the rain, and wait it out. It took 15 or so minutes, and we talked deep about life and challenges that it throws at us. And then the rain softened, and we played on, finishing in again perfect weather and having the course to ourselves.

from the first tee box


I LOVE this quote from Sis. Nelson, speaking about the prophet. She said:

“At 94 years of age, my husband is becoming more and more of his true self every day,” she said. “Why wouldn’t he be? He is doing exactly what he was foreordained to do.”

Know thyself. Thus spake the philosophers of old, and thus must we do. As we discover who we are and what we are meant to do, I know that we will realize we are truly sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, and our individual destinies, whatever unique path that might take, our more glorious and wonderful than we can ever imagine. I love this scripture, found in Acts 2:28. This is Peter talking,

Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance.

The gospel brings joy. Christ brings joy, and makes our lives full.

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  1. Hi Hunter,

    Your letters are always so newsy and full of fun. I also loved your pictures. Congratulations on obtaining a new job. I hope it is fun for you.

    I also like the name of your pie company. You are the pie man, that’s for sure. Wish I could have enjoyed one piece of each of your pies that your friends enjoyed. Do you make your own crust?

    I took that food safe course as well several years ago. I did very well in it. I used to cook dinners for the Masons, and I had to have that certificate. When it expired, I did not renew it. I was no longer cooking for the Masons, and I didn’t want any part of being responsible for the food at the church fair. It was an all day class, just as you described. I’m not sure what my score was, but I did well.

    I am sure your Mom and Dad and the rest of the family are looking forward to Porter’s arrival from Brazil. Just to think that three Schenewark boys did their mission in Brazil. I am sure the three of you have left a memorable mark during your missions.

    How is Kayla’s back? She sure did take a tumble. I could almost feel it. Yikes!!

    Thanks for keeping me posted in all that you do. You are enjoying life to its fullest, that’s for sure.

    Sending you love and hugs.

    Aunt Shirley

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