June 15-21: Atlas Shrugged

  1. Rapid-fire for this last week. And lots of pictures.

-The long-anticipated LSAT happened Monday morning. My roommate Tyler offered to let me use his laptop, and it went off without a hitch. I’d guess I did better, but because  the exam was moved online (with virtual proctors), it was shortened to 3 sections from 5, and I don’t know how that will affect the bell-curve based scoring.

-Tuesday was my first completely free day with nary a worry on the horizon as they say. As the sun and rose and set, it saw me go practice golf at the newly renovated East Bay, work out, and then try to write a little and work on some projects. Except I kept getting distracted by food blogs.

-amazing race….this idea has been fermenting around my brain for a while. I wrote out some tasks for a family contest, and then watched a few episodes to help facilitate further ideas. Coming to Texas July 2020.

I also conducted some experiments and came up with some new recipes:

–papaya salsa, seen here with nachos…verdict: the papaya detracts from the salsa as a whole.

a new shampoo…ingredients: beet juice, baking soda, coconut oil, aloe vera, and eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

Pouring the finished product. Turned out AMAZING! Hair felt and looked great. Downside is that fresh aloe vera goes bad after a few days, so it has to be used up quickly.

lots of vegetables were cooked and eaten this week.

flower arrangements were made.

New fruits taste tested include “rambutan,” very popular in southeast Asia. The first one I tried must have been rotten, as I couldn’t even finish the little guy. I would have stopped there, but had to at least attempt the others so as not to waste. They were much better, and validated google’s remark that it is known for its “delicious taste.”

Sunday we had the usual dinner with Porter a la brasileiro and scrabble game and then a Father’s Day themed Jeopardy game via zoom with the whole family.

Annemarie and Tanner did a great job putting on the show, and I hope it becomes a family tradition. Heaven knows it will be tough, nigh impossible, to top this year’s edition, but I’ll let them worry about that part.

I went on two dates this week. Recapped out of order:

Saturday I had planned to go hiking with Yazmin. We were going to do a short sunset hike near Salt Lake City, but our double partners cancelled so we made it a zoom date instead. This was my first time trying a virtual date and I’m not a fan. It felt awkward and impersonal. We talked from 8-8:45 and I asked her on a real date to which she agreed. Here’s the important part: As soon as it ended, I saw I had missed a few calls. This was perfect timing as someone was looking for a priesthood blessing at 9pm, and hadn’t reached anyone else. It was cool to be reminded once again how God is aware of all of our needs. If I had gone to SLC, I wouldn’t have been back before 10:30.

The other date was date #3 with Hannah. We ate mochi ice cream balls and walked on a mountain trail while conversing. Mochi is a japanese treat made of a outer rice dough covering (providing a weird texture), and filled with a coconut cream interior. “Eh…” followed with a shoulder shrug summarizes my reaction. While good and refreshing on such a hot day, I think normal ice cream tastes better. That “eh…” could also summarize my thoughts about the date. We apparently got the same vibes, because we haven’t talked since that night and both seemed content to go on our separate paths. Nevertheless, after 15 months of only first dates, I enjoyed going on a 2nd and a 3rd date.

And while I’m on the subject of love, here is one of the most pertinent scriptures in my opinion. It comes from Alma 38:15, and amazes me how relevant counsel given 2000 years ago still is. The world was utterly different at the time, yet applies fantastically to dating today.

“Use boldness, but not overbearance; and also see that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love; see that ye refrain from idleness.”

The entire chapter was recommended to me by a professor as great advice for recently returned missionaries, and this verse in particular stood out as testifying how one must have control of emotions and passions in order to feel true love. If faith and doubt cannot coexist, then neither can lust and love. 


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  1. Good evening, Hunter.

    I’m sure you are happy that the LSAT’s are done and that you felt good about it. Let me know when you get your results how you did.

    Your pictures are amazing and your desire to try/make new things. I don’t think I would have wanted to eat that fruit that looked like a sea urchin. No way would I even want to try it. I’m not as adventuresome as you seem to be. The nachos looked good. Maybe less papaya the next time you try it, if you do, and it might not overpower your salsa.

    You talk about your dates–enjoy them and see where they go. I know you had liked Hannah and this last date didn’t seem exciting for either of you. When the right girl comes along, you will know it and so will she. There is a saying, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince/princess” or something like that. I knew the minute that I dated Uncle David for the first time that he was the one for me. Our first date was on December 15, 1978. We went to the Cafe Budapest in Copley Square and closed the place. We had such a fun time and time just flew by. They were vacuuming the rugs and I think we were the last couple in the restaurant. It isn’t there anymore, but we did get there one last time one Easter. He ordered sweetbreads. Not sure what I ordered. I asked him how it was and he told me that it was o.k., but he wouldn’t go out of his way to order it again. Just knowing that sweetbreads was pancreas was enough for me. Like I said, I’m not adventurous, although I do like escargot. To me, they taste a little earthy like mushrooms, so I am o.k. with that.

    I know that he was dating other people but when we went out for the first time and after that, he told whoever he was seeing that he found someone he really liked a lot and he wouldn’t be seeing them anymore. I never knew when he was going to show up at the clinic where I worked. He’d come to take me to lunch, bring me flowers, etc. Don’t worry, it will happen to you as well.

    I enjoyed talking to Porter this afternoon as he was on his way to your house. He told me about the disaster of his cinnamon rolls. I gave him a few pointers–don’t make a double batch and be the only one to cook them. He said he gave his roommate explicit instructions but he kept opening the oven door every 5 minutes to check on them. You cannot do that. Also that he put all four pans in the oven at once–you don’t do that either. With him talking about the cinnamon rolls, I think I will make a Finnish pastry tomorrow. It’s called “slapped ears” but I don’t know the Finnish name for them. I was just looking for the recipe and can’t find it. I have so many places where it could be, so I’ll have to look. After the dough is rolled lengthwise, you cut them diagonally every other cut so that you can mush them down in the middle a little bit and that’s supposed to be the slapped ear. If I find the recipe and make them, I’ll send a picture.

    We had quite a thunderstorm here earlier. It rained so hard, that my flower bed next to my patio and half of my patio were flooded. I also got an alert on my phone that there was flooding danger in Walpole as well as other places and to not go out and drive anywhere because of flooded roads. There’s no way I would go out in that kind of weather anyway. The rest of the week is going to be showery, so I think that is going to take care of any outside activities we have along with three concerts outside this week. There’s one on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday–your birthday. I hope that the end of the week is much better than the beginning.

    I ordered halibut for dinner tonight–a small piece as well as a half order of mashed potatoes. Well, they sent me up a big piece of fish and a full helping of potatoes. I cut it in half and will have it another time. I had carrots and string beans in the fridge from last night, so I heated those up and ate those with the fish and potatoes. Also had sliced strawberries with whipped cream (in a can–not as nice as whipping it up from scratch).

    I’m making a baby sweater for Kayla’s new baby girl and am almost finished with it. I had told Becky that I would wait until she had the baby before I made anything. So glad I did. I was also going to make a little afghan in blue and white, so now I also have some pink and will use all three colors. I need something to keep me busy at night when I am watching TV. I cannot be idle, as it isn’t in my nature.

    Take care, and let me know how you did.

    Lots of love,

    Aunt Shirley

  2. Hey Hunter,

    Loving your posts! They are truly a light during these dark times. It has been a while since you posted, and I just want to make sure that your health is still good. You should be moving to go to UConn soon right? I know you’ll do well there. Hope to be able to read another post again, they truly are a source of strength.


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