June 1-7: Pilgrims, Pulses, and Pistols

The week started off great, with a visit to the gym with David. Since it reopened a few weeks ago, we’ve been very deliberate with our exercises and worked towards maxing this week. First up was bench press and I was surprised (and proud) to get 275 lbs. That’s a new record for me! Other records continued to fall throughout this week and all I can say is – these numbers brought to you by lentils. Ok ok, while I have continued to eschew supplements or any whey protein, I am trying to increase the amount of protein I consume given that I’m still barely eating any meat. I have started mixing a few Tbsp of peanut butter + 2 tsp of flax seed + 1 banana + 1 cup of chocolate milk. It’s delicious, and rejuvenating! One serving is 21 g of protein.

Monday night our Come Follow Me was blessed to have Aunt Jenny join. This week’s focus was on testimony and she shared some inspiring stories, previously unknown to me.

The lentil experiment of the week involved making a hummus-like paste. It’s good with nachos, cucumbers, and rolls. I didn’t get the taste quite like I wanted, but thought I’d get some feedback from two non-biased testers aka my roommates. Here are their reviews:

“Ew!! this tastes like dirt!”

“Yep, dirt is about right. Although, after four or five bites it’s not as bad as the initial taste.”

Tuesday saw a return to sand volleyball. I was at home doing some studying, looking longingly at the beautiful weather when Reigen invited me to go play. We met up with Justice, Allison, Allie, and one of Allie’s friends. We played 3×3 for a while and then some newcomers challenged us to 6×6. After we just couldn’t go anymore, we went back to my apartment and had milkshakes. I’ve missed Reigen since he moved end of April and was glad to play some vb with him.

Thursday was the long anticipated date with Victoria. We hit a snafu a few hours before, when our doubles bailed. The plan was to hike Buffalo Peak and watch the sunset, and I didn’t want us to go alone. Porter came through big time by agreeing to go, and then I bumped into Emmalyn (Annemarie’s sister) at the library. We talked a few minutes and I headed home to get ready. I almost made it home, all the way down the 8 flights of stairs too, before feeling impressed to go back. Thankfully Emmalyn was still there, and I invited her to go with us. She was game to go along and I appreciated getting to know her a little better.

Long story short – my phone quit working out of nowhere, right as I left to go pick up Victoria. So I didn’t have her address. It’s crazy how reliant we can become on our devices! Despite being discombobulated by the sudden turn of events, I remembered the name of the (giant) apartment complex at least, and after knocking 3 doors and talking to those residents who pointed me a little closer each time,  the fourth door was the right one, and I met Victoria. Thankfully, I remembered Emmalyn’s address, and we zipped over before getting Porter to complete the gang and actually head to the hike. We were running 15 minutes later than I had planned, and missed making it to the peak for the sunset by a few minutes. nevertheless, it was a beautiful, beautiful hike; I think the Sound of Music opening scene could have been filmed there. We made it to the top and back before it got too dark, and I intend to go back and make a repeat hike.

Victoria is from Miami, served her mission in Phoenix, and is studying Math Education at BYU. We were set-up by her sister Cat (Catherine).

Friday night I went to see Kelson’s new living space. He was supposed to go to Phoenix for an internship, but when that was moved online, the company decided to put him in a Marriott in Provo for the entire summer. I’m jealous. I guess he was feeling kind of lonely though, after a week of no roommates, and had a small party to formally welcome his new accommodations. We ate and played a little Mario Kart before I called it a night and skedaddled.

Sunday, I had a dinner date with Hannah. I was acting kind of persnickety, but Hannah’s attitude helped change that quickly. It was a blast – she was really easy and fun to talk to. She brought a fresh pineapple (unexpectedly) which we turned into a fruit bowl for dessert, insisted on helping with dishes, and I was thoroughly impressed by the end of the date. She is from Iowa, served her mission in Nicaragua and is studying Exercise Science and Wellness.

Talking with my family, I report on any dates I went on and have begun to start the conversation by saying, “I had a fantastic time. _______ is a great kissener!” I think the younger siblings are catching on, but that sentence gets Dad’s attention in a hurry, and his “What?!!?!?” is followed by me saying, “I said she’s a great listener. What did you think I said?” Don’t worry, there’s no canoodling going on here.

Although, I talked to Aunt Shirley on Saturday and she shared the secret to golfing and getting a hole-in-one, so maybe there needs to be a kiss or two. I’ve been trying for years, so I was mightily impressed that shehshe succeeded in hitting a hole-in-one at a course in Wrentham, MA. Logan, my new roommate, discovered some mail that had fallen and gotten stuck and one of the letters he pulled up was an envelope filled with old photos Aunt Shirley had sent a month ago. I thoroughly enjoyed going through them and seeing faces of loved ones from a time now long gone. I had never seen these photos before, and wondered at 5-day old me, and thrilled to a photo of see Kayla and I from Christmas 1995.

Other notes:

-I’ve been playing the organ almost daily lately. Now that I’m home during the day, it won’t bother any one.

-I started my application to join the Mayflower Society. It’s much more rigorous than I anticipated, and will require some painstaking work to finish.

  1. -fasting has gone from being dreaded to truly a time to rejoice. I’m thankful for the opportunity to fast each month, and know that God recognizes our sacrifice of forgoing those two meals and donating the money. I’ve seen far too many miracles to think otherwise.

-the daily number of covid infections has tripled in Utah. I think its good to zig when others zag and zag when they zig. Now that everyone is going out, its not as safe, and my excursions will be getting cut down shortly.

-I’m thinking about getting a dog. Which would complicate living arrangements. Which would be a HUGE commitment. (Maybe I need that?) And which I am not regarding lightly. I’ve been checking this society’s facebook page daily though, so I don’t think the thought will go away quickly. I budgeted months ago for a firearm and have yet to get one. Perhaps a puppy could take that spot instead….

I mean, look at this guy!

Tanner and Annemarie even shared some possible puppy names: Warren, doc, Eisenhower. I personally like Duke, or Boston (boss for short). The run-away favorite so far though is Coolidge.

Reading 2 Timothy, it seems to be a very prescient book of prophecy – about persecution. This week, I picked up on the key to both appreciating and persevering through tribulation. It’s found in chapter 3 verses 14-15:

“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;

And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make there wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

I testify that it is through the scriptures we learn the wisdom of God and will have the strength and fortitude to stand strong and be not ashamed of our Lord.


One thought on “June 1-7: Pilgrims, Pulses, and Pistols”

  1. Good morning Hunter,

    Loved your letter, as usual. By the way–I golfed in Ipswich, not Wrentham–but that’s o.k. Not a big deal. I also loved your comment about how I got a hole in one. First and last ever.

    It was great talking to you on Saturday. You are always so good at calling me. Then on Sunday, I got a call from Porter. He sounded a lot like you at the time. We had a nice chat, and I gave him my recipe for apple cake. I got an email from him yesterday that he was so excited to make it, that he made it Sunday night instead of waiting until Monday. He tweaked the recipe a bit with spices and he shared the picture. He did a great job.

    You amaze me at the things you make. I guess your lentil dip didn’t go over too well. Did you add some garlic? What about sesame oil? Those may help. But you are willing to try anything and concoct anything and I say, “good for you”.

    The picture of the meal that you made on Sunday–is that meat loaf? I couldn’t tell, but that’s what it did look like. The plate was very appealing, too.

    I love the picture of the dog, but I think you have to give that a lot of thought. You’ll be in college and living in a dorm the first year. What will happen to the dog? We had talked about it and you have to think of what will be fair to the dog. He’s a big boy, and they need a lot of room and space to run. I’m sure you will make the right decision. You can always opt to be a dog walker for shepherds, or volunteer at a shelter and something like that until it is feasible for you to have a dog.

    That hike you went on sounded like fun. Sorry you didn’t make it to the top in time, but another time you will.

    You reminded me of Uncle David when you said your phone died and you weren’t sure about Victoria’s address. But, you did find her which was great. Uncle David and I were going to Westerly, Rhode Island to visit a friend of his on a Sunday afternoon. He left the directions at home. He did have the phone number, so I suggested he call the guy. He didn’t, but he found the place. He had such a great memory, and I was so taken aback that he was able to find the place, as it was a cottage that his friend Swan and his wife rented. We had a wonderful time, too.

    Well, my dear nephew, it is 10:19 in the morning, and I haven’t had breakfast yet. So I am going to do that, pay my dental insurance bill and get it in the mail, and get on with my day. Not sure what I will be doing, but whatever it is, I’ll do it. I do have to find some cucumber plants because only two of my six took and the others died off.

    Have a great week, and look forward to your next letter.

    Lots of love,

    Aunt Shirley

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