Jazz in my blood

I’ll try to quickly hit the last few weeks. First, finals ended fantastically. I ended with my highest GPA for a semester at BYU and given that I worked roughly 25 hours per week, on average, and led a healthy social life, I am quite pleased with the balance. Before leaving on Thursday to go to Vegas, I went out with Lynsie again on Wednesday night. We delivered some fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies all over town, spreading holiday cheer. Caroling not included. She had chosen one family that is Brasilian and are not members. While she did not know beforehand, it turns out they are from my last area on the mission! It was incredible to be able to talk to them. I would say it compares to going to Germany and meeting someone from the same town in South Carolina. I promised to invite them over for some Brasilian BBQ. Also, when we got there, her brothers best friend was visiting them, and he served in my mission, leaving just shortly before I arrived. It was a great night.

Thursday we drove to Vegas. Nora behaved admirably. Stopping for dinner at 5 Guys in St. George, we arrived about 8 pm. Friday morning we headed off for a quick peak at The Hoover Dam. I made the difficult decision to pass using the hot tub, but took advantage of the in-house organ. Because I had been asked to play in Granbury’s ward sacrament meeting. I am not used to playing for accompaniment and struggled at a time or two. The music kept going though, and we got through all three songs. I like to spice it up with more of a jazzy feel, going quick on the easy parts, slow on the hard ones. The beat is more of a suggestion anyway.

It was of course wonderful to make it to Granbury and see everybody. Mom has already written much, so I won’t recap. I got everything I wanted and more for Christmas. There is nothing like being home for Christmas.

I should have seen it coming. Sunday night, I had a nightmare, and that invariably means sickness, usually a fever. Nevertheless, I managed to make it through the day, even beating Sawyer twice in horse. However, Tuesday – Friday I was down for the count. Those days will be remembered by movie marathons using the projector, wrapped up in sleeping bags, lying on a heating pad. No popcorn. Actually, I endured nightmares for three straight nights. The last one nearly did me in. Think flying mice, moving their mouths like hungry hippos, and their tails, appearing starched lined out stiff behind them. During much of my sleepless nights, I spent writing, and I realized, I am a writer. It is something I really enjoy.

Leaving half-dead on Saturday, I made it to the airport perfectly timed. Dropped my bags off, made it through security, (travel tip #32 wear a leather coat with big pockets.) and ambled my way to my gate and into the boarding line. Oh yeah. Then, boarding, who should I see, but Elder Bradley, my first mission companion! He was going from Michigan to Dallas to SLC. I sat next to him, and we caught up and reminisced on our time in San Luiz, Arizona.

This week was the passing of Pres. Monson. It was a reminder that life is fleeting as a dream. One day we will be held accountable, not jst to God, but to ourselves, for what we did and who we became. Pres. Monson chose and cultivated a life of service, of love, of teaching, and of leading others unto the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. How noble a life! What are you doing with yours? As I’ve reflected on that, one statement in my call as a missionary came to mind.

Greater blessings and more happiness than you have yet experienced await you as you humbly and prayerfully serve the Lord…

May we follow the example of Pres. Monson and wear our lives out in service.

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  1. Your letters always make me happy. I am thrilled that you did great in your finals, had a fabulous Christmas, spread cheer with yummy chocolate chip cookies, and everything else that you managed to squeeze into your time. I’m sure it was fun being at home with family. Nothing like it.

    So sorry you were so sick. I never had nightmares that was a precursor to illness, and sorry this happened to you. I hope you are well on the road to recovery and feeling much better now. There has been a lot of stuff going around, and I am fortunate to have been very healthy so far this winter and hope I continue to do so.

    I have had a bad cough since October 2016 caused from blood pressure medication. I’m on my third med since then. I was away for New Year’s and didn’t really feel that great. The coughing is so debilitating. When I arrived home on Tuesday, the 2nd of January, I dumped my suitcases and headed to Urgent Care in Norwood. I waited for two hours, but I didn’t care. I had to get to the bottom of this. I saw a physician assistant who was great. I told him my history and he said that for coughing as long as I had been, that everything was irritated. He put me on a tapered dose of prednisone, and I am nearing the end of taking that. I also had a script for cough medicine with codeine and an inhaler. With all of this, by the next day I was feeling much better and I feel 100% better now. Urgent Care even called the next day to find out how I was feeling and I told them I was much better. Each day, I feel better and better. At least I am not coughing like I was. I have an occasional one, but I’ll take that any day. I see my own doctor the 23rd of July. She really hadn’t been of any help so I took care of myself by doing what I did, and I will do it again. Now if I can only get the pulmonary doctor to send a new prescription to Reliable Respiratory for a new CPAP machine, I will be very happy. I’ve sent him four notes and a phone call and he has not responded to one of them. I am really fed up, and I don’t even think he reads his messages. I have what is called “My Lahey Chart”. In that, you can send notes to the doctors who have seen you for suggestions, etc. I doubt he has ever read his. I sent the fourth note to him last night and as of today, there has been no response. I’ll just have to call the office again and find out what is going on. I’m not a happy camper about this, that’s for sure. I have never been ignored by a physician as I have by this one. I don’t know the name of the Chairman of the Department, and I should probably get in touch with him. I’ll wait till tomorrow and see what happens and then make another phone call to his office. His secretary isn’t so nice and I didn’t care for her attitude when I called the middle of December. What is the matter with the medical field these days? Some are great and some not so great. Well, enough of that.

    We’ve had some really cold weather here plus the snow storm last week that really caused havoc along the coast and in Boston, flooding streets, homes, buildings. So sad. Glad I am where I am. Safe, warm, and happy.

    Take care. I have to get some work done around here and sitting here isn’t doing it, but writing to you is sheer pleasure.

    Love you.

    Aunt Shirley

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