January 13-19: Rejoice ye in that day and Leap for Joy

Monday was LSAT try number 2. I think it went better this time. The sections lined up perfectly. Of course, a large degree of uncertainty remains because I don’t know which of the 5 sections was experimental did not count. As long as the first section was not the experimental one, I’ll end up a few points higher I think. I didn’t study between the tests except for a one hour session in early December, and felt refreshed and fresh, ready to go. By the end though, the struggle to concentrate was intense, and I didn’t finish as strong as i would have liked.

My gym time has become more productive as I’ve focused on the compound exercises; i.e. bench press, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, military press; and try to do each of those exercises two different days per week.

As some of my goals for the year, I’m taking health more seriously, and besides changes to the gym routine, I’m also eating healthier, with lots more veggies. This last week, I bought and ate 12 different types of fruits/veggies. Meat is restricted to Tuesdays and Sundays.

Exceptions are made for when we’re having an EQ presidency meeting on Wednesday and Bro. Sutton the high councilor brings in buckets of KFC. This was in fact what happened this week. We feasted together. I look forward to our meetings every week. Its half an hour of business, then its always time to eat, listen to some knee-slapping jokes, and enjoy good conversation.

Friday January 17th marked the 100th anniversary of the start of Prohibition. It is crazy to imagine what would have happened if Prohibition would have continued until today. Thousands of innocent victims killed by drunk driving could be alive. I doubt that marijuana would be so freely used, and the debate over legalization of drugs in general wouldn’t be happening.

The following is something I shared on Facebook on Sunday the 19th. To preface, I should say that over Christmas, my mother mentioned getting a keyboard. I figured that I might as well get an organ instead of a keyboard, and am in the perfect spot to do so. There were dozens if not hundreds listed for sale in Utah, with most going for $50-100. Most people don’t want them as they are outdated and bulky. Both of which happen to be two of my nicknames, so I was glad to find one for free in Sandy, which Porter helped me pick up. Now the post:

“I’m overfilled with gratitude. One of the reasons I stayed in Utah after graduation was to be near my siblings. They serve me, bring me joy and inspire me to be better. While I am lucky to spend time with them weekly, Porter’s 22nd birthday was a catalyst in helping me realize how truly special they are. Saturday, Porter spent 2 hours helping me bring an organ from near Salt Lake to my house. Cooper provided a feast for both me and Porter that night for dinner. Then Tanner edited my law school application and AnneMarie lent me a book I’ve been dying to read and as always shared her positivity and non-judgmental spirit that makes all of us kinder in turn.

Today, we celebrated Porter’s birthday with an incredibly delicious Italian smorgasbord and a gorgeous cake that Annemarie made. Tanner hosted a Jeopardy game that was incredibly well put together and Cooper shared a new card game that had us all in tears, and then, just to cap everything off, I went to Porter’s apartment where he led 20some people through a scripture study, and bore his powerful testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I am truly blessed.

10 years ago, I could not have imagined the scene that has been this weekend. Similarly, I have no idea what 10 years from today will look like.

But this I do know, as any person strives to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, their present will be filled with peace and their future will contain more happiness than they could ever imagine.”

One thought on “January 13-19: Rejoice ye in that day and Leap for Joy”

  1. Good morning again,

    This post was short and sweet but fun to read. Yes, you are lucky to have your siblings there and it sounds like you had an awesome time and that Porter’s birthday was a huge success. Congrats on the organ and have fun playing it.

    I forgot to ask you how your ankle was doing? You should have gone to Urgent Care with that instead of doctoring it yourself.

    Now your veggie/fruit diet. You have to have protein in your diet EVERY SINGLE DAY–not that it has to be meat, but it can be cheese, Greek yogurt, tofu (which I won’t even touch), peanut butter. You need protein for various reasons–muscles, brain, etc. I don’t eat a lot of beef, but I like chicken and fish, too. So please, eat protein every day.

    Glad you are exercising–it is so important. I plan on going back tomorrow. I really couldn’t exercise when I was not feeling up to par, and they tell you that your body has to heal from illness and not to exercise.

    Good luck on the LSAT results. You’ll do fine and, of course, you must study.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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