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Lets be realistic, whatever else happened, Nora was still going to be the highlight of the week. She entered the world Friday, weighing 7.5 pounds, and measuring 20 inches. Not so sure why we always put these statistics out there, but for what they’re worth, you have them. More interesting is the fact that she has dark hair, no eyebrows, or eyelashes, or teeth, doesn’t cry much (yet,) hasn’t eaten steak before, and loves Uncle Hunter. That’s Nora. Tanner says she is “perceptive.” I didn’t get past “heavenly.” I went over Saturday night, held and rocked her for a little and then relinquished her to Annemarie. It was amazing to think that just a short time before, she was in heaven.

Now for the filler. This week was thanksgiving break. As previously stated, Monday I enjoyed work and had lunch with Pres. Young. Tuesday I had a free day. I went to school and worked on some assignments, mostly genealogy and was thrilled with progress in the Gerken-Hesse line. More to come hopefully. My professor was helping me, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that what I could have done in weeks, he accomplished in minutes. My roommates all went out of town for the break, so I was left with the apartment to myself. Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I discovered that ABC puts up SharkTank episodes on their website, and enjoyed watching some. My bedtime averaged before 10 pm for the week, which probably hasn’t happened since I was 12 And I woke up about 6 each day, able to work out and read and relax a little in the morning. A welcome respite from the usual school and work.

Originally planning to go with Tanmarie and her parents for thanksgiving at an extended family member’s house, I opted for Uncle Ben’s instead. We had a Thanksgiving feast, and it was nice to spend time, the whole day, with family. Sarah W. came down from Idaho, and that was a great surprise. We decided to do something on Saturday, and my first idea, was a game night. Sort of spur of the moment but it worked out. About 15 people came over, and we played some ice-breaker games, code name, and one other which had me laughing until I cried. But, to play it, it requires people never having played it before. Thus, I shall wait. I made cranberry muffins, sugar cookies, and put out chips and salsa for snacks. And water of course. The cranberry muffins turned out slightly burnt, and a bit misshapen, and  not wanting to sit on 24 muffins, I impressed myself by creating simple placards on index cards which read “Chips+Salsa.” “Cups for water.” “Sugar cookies.” “World Famous Ugly+Delicious Cranberry Muffins.” Incredibly, it worked and 20 muffins were eaten, and people were complimenting them, and leaving the sugar cookies which actually tasted good, much better than the muffins, relatively untouched.

Other noteworthy happenings: I unfotunately did not finish my paper for the BYU Religious Symposium. Looks like it’ll have to be next year. I I went to Swigs with a roommate on Friday. Its supposed to be a fantastic soda parlor. I ordered an Italian Soda and it was horrible!!! I had never been there before but have heard such good things. Now, I will have to return and try something else, just to see if its that bad, or if they forgot something in my drink. Like sugar.

Fique Firme!!!


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  1. Your Thanksgiving sounded like lots of fun. I guess that is usually what happens at Uncle Ben’s, and to be there with family was awesome. I went to Jenny’s for Thanksgiving, and it was lovely. Laurabeth and her family were there from Canada. I hadn’t seen them in a long time. Kaleb came with Kara, Becky’s friend. Also were the families from 91 Brigham Street, four of Jenny’s as two are in Idaho and Utah. I didn’t count, but the family room was the dinner spot with tables placed like a “U”. It was perfect. There was corn, potatoes, creamed onions, squash, turnip, carrots, cranberry sauce (one plate of sauce landed on the floor, so that was thrown out), turkey, ham, stuffing, green bean casserole. Desserts were plentiful–pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, cherry pie, and I made an apple cheesecake torte (first attempt and it was yummy).

    Hunter, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful note you sent me. I know I remarked about it in a PM on FB, but you just warmed my heart. Thank you again.

    You are an amazing young man, and I love hearing about all of your adventures. Give my love to everyone, and especially a kiss to Nora. What a wonderful Thanksgiving present and blessing. She has the black hair like you boys did when you were born. The hair on your head was amazing.

    Love you and thank you again.

    Aunt Shirley

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