Happy Columbus Day!

Quick recap of the week:

Monday- Homework tried to smash me. I won, but it wasn’t easy.

Tuesday- Our dance teacher filmed us practicing and provided feedback, in preparation for the championship in November. But the video is too big to post…

Wednesday- We had a practice dance tournament. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it as far as I thought I could or should. But, getting out earlier than anticipated allowed me to go to the annual Texas party for BYU texans. It was a blast, and especially memorable as walking in, two friends from the MTC saw me and we were able to catch up.

Thursday- I elected to write a recreational essay, answering the prompt, “In the age of “doing what feels right,” are there moral absolutes? How can you tell?” This Friday they will announce the finalists, who are competing for $3500 in prize money.

Friday- After working at GPS Capital, I went straight to my job at the BYU football game. BYU lost to Boise State, their fifth straight loss, and I made it home at 1 am to finish 17 hours of work.

Saturday- Yeah, I slept in. Then, I gave my room a needed organizing and cleaning. Afterwards, it was off to a BYU chess tournament. We I finished tied for 4-5, out of 7, winning once, and losing twice. I expected it, as I haven’t been keeping up with the game. I lost one disappointingly with some errors that can be attributed to rustiness, but lost another getting wrecked and thoroughly outplayed. I spent most of the rest of the day reading.

Sunday- Church, including our first family history class. Tanner and Annemarie came over and we enjoyed some time together. And then I went to SLC to the Cathedral of the Madeleine for an organ concert. The organ was behind us on the second story, so they put up a screen for us to see. It was incredible, especially the last piece. Someone handed the organist (from France) an envelope and he opened it, and it contained only two lines of music. So, using that as inspiration, he composed and played on the spot for the next ten. So impressed were we, that after a rousing ovation, he returned and composed and played another variation on the same theme.


One thought on “Happy Columbus Day!”

  1. Loved your letter. Good luck in winning the $3500. Wouldn’t that be special? Your letters are always entertaining, and I love reading them. You really do keep yourself busy. There are a couple of people here who play chess. If you ever come to visit me, I will try to get a chess game together for you and Dr. Squires. He would love it.

    Miss you and love you. My love to all the cousins.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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