Dec. 16-21: Prelude to Paradise

(Note: events happened Dec. 16-21; I didn’t finish writing before I left for Texas, so here we are, one month later. Much of the delay can be blamed on Mr. John Grisham.)

There is a fine line between looking forward too much to the future, thereby not enjoying the present, and alternatively living too much in the present and not looking forward with an eye to the future. Both can be dangerous. This was a week where I was decidedly in the future. Saturday  I would fly home and be with my family again.

Of course, there is also the past and this is the perfect time to resurrect this classic.

Ah, yes. That era when my favorite word was paleontology and as long as I had dinosaurs in my front “pockets,” I was invincible. ‘Twas a simpler time. Of course, you could say not much has changed. I am still fascinated by dirt and the wonder of life that it conceals and helps produce.  Looking back at my scrapbook, I laughed seeing the same vest in so many of my pictures. It was my favorite outfit.


We had our work Christmas party at Topgolf where the food was greasy yet good, and we did a white elephant in between shots. I brought a CanopyTax hat and a tie. Mason picked my present, and I walked away with 60 double A batteries. My original choice had been a crystal serving bowl, but when that was stolen, I went with the batteries. Although I currently don’t have a single thing that uses batteries, I figured they were my best option.

I received my LSAT score from the first test. It was exactly what I thought I’d get, judging from my performance, so no surprise but some disappointment. I’m glad I signed up to take it again and won’t have to wait long until the test in January.

The trip home was relatively uneventful. I flew out of Salt Lake City at 5:30 and met Tanmarie in the Phoenix airport for the second leg of the journey. Nora is always a hoot. She pushed her little stroller all around the airport, before reluctantly boarding when the time came. We made it into Dallas close to midnight and after Dad brought us home, there were some quick hugs and hellos before we all hit our beds exhausted.



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  1. Dear Hunter,

    I loved the picture–you were so cute (an still are–actually handsome) and I’m prejudice. It must have been a fun time being all together for the holidays. I’m sure your Mom and Dad were the happiest having all of their children together.

    I went to Mom Mom’s and Grampy’s for Christmas dinner. They had a delicious rib roast, yummy mashed potatoes, and, I think, green beans. It was a very yummy dinner.

    I went to NH on the 29th of December and came back on January 1st. New Pond has their annual New Year’s Eve Eve Dance on the 30th, and I felt I couldn’t be around for that at that point in time. It would have been too painful for me, since the first dance I had ever been to (shortly after I moved in) was when I met Leif. I saw pictures taken at the dance, and it looked like he had a swinging time. I’m not sorry I missed it, as I had a wonderful time at the Inn. I never left once I parked my car until Wednesday. Even Darren cleaned my car off for me when he was plowing, as we had ten inches of snow while I was there. I didn’t even go out to the bonfire because I didn’t want to go upstairs to my room and get into all my winter gear. I stayed by the fireplace which was much more inviting and comfortable. I did have lunch with my friend Nancy the day I arrived in NH. We’ll do the same again when i go to the Inn in July.

    I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today and he is very pleased with my recovery. I had him inject my right knee, as it has been giving me problems. I don’t have to see him for a year. He is having his knee done on Wednesday at another facility. He wants a knee like mine and the surgeons at Lahey that he knows don’t do he same operation he does, so he is going to someone who does. I wished him well. I also went to Urgent Care this morning because my bronchitis is back. People here do not take other people into consideration when they have a cold/cough. Their attitude is “if you don’t want to get it, stay away from me.” Bad attitude for sure. I am on Z-pack, tessalon perles for the cough (clear capsules), and a tapered dose of prednisone. Actually I feel better already but for the cough. I also had a crampy belly for a couple of days and that has finally cleared. I guess I would say I am well on my way to recovery.

    Time for me to read your other letter, so I’ll end this one for now.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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