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Another week coming at you late. I’ll go vignette form this time.

I’ve had some assignments due this past week, where I had to scramble and borrow a book from the teacher or a classmate to accomplish. Starting to get worried that my books from Amazon were having problems coming, I found out that they were instead sent to Tanner’s house accidentally. And have been sitting there. Obviously, I can’t blame him, as I sent them there and he probably thought I didn’t need them right away, as I never said anything about them. Next time, I will check the shipping address.

I’ve had lots of dates this week. Maybe more than I’ve ever had. They’re all from California, “naturally sweet” and “heart healthy.” Good combo. Honestly, even if I am not getting engaged to anybody, as long as I am going out, and trying, I feel good about my effort. I need to make something happen.

I have quickly become inseparable with my bathrobe and slippers. In fact, now being reunited with my golf clubs, I was putting one night in my apartment, and my roommate filmed without me knowing, and sent it to a friend, who then sent it to others, and me, putting to a half dollar on our green carpet in my blue bathrobe has gone viral in our ward.

  A prepared candid. 

Saturday we had a ward temple trip to Payson. Beautiful temple, especially framed by the falling snow. This was the first major snowfall of the winter, with 6-8 inches falling. It was an unforgettable experience, and one that I will treasure.



Receiving a sketch book for Christmas, and having recently read the bio of Henry B. Eyring, in which I learned that he consistently included pictures to round out his journal, I decided to do the same. Everyday I try and sketch something important to that day. Its been a challenge, but also enjoyable to engage in something that I haven’t for a LONG time.

Having more free time this semester, I have begun exercising (and running!) faithfully. Lots of work to do. My main goals are to be able to run 10 miles and benchpress 225 by the end of the semester. Hold me accountable! Another of my goals is to do family history weekly, and I had some success on Friday, adding on to our family tree.

Also Friday, at night we had our ward Chili Cook-Off. I didn’t submit anything, but 10 people brought their chili in, and I tasted 9 of them, the other ran out quickly. The winner was a delicious white chili.

Saturday, I went with Tanner to a Brasilian Festival. And of course, I wore my Chefe e Chefe shirt. We didn’t stay long, just long enough to take a picture and sample some food. Later they were having some cultural dances and traditions going on. We went to Tanmarie’s house,  and played Ticket To Ride (Europe) and I enjoyed seeing Nora. Seems like she’s adjusted to mortality well, and was all smiles during my visit.

For whatever reason, I remembered this week an experience I had on my mission. About a year in, I went by bus from Itaperuna to Campos, arriving at 10pm ish. My bus from there to Vitoria would leave at 2 am, so I had a few hours of waiting alone in the bus station. I decided to immerse myself in the book of Joshua. I picked up on a couple main themes, mainly being courageous and obedient. (Side note, according to Joshua chapter 2, and 4:19, the Israelites entered the promised land on April 6th) One verse, well known, touches me every time. Joshua 3:5

And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.

The Lord will do wonders with you. Be prepared.


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  1. Hi Hunter–as always, I enjoy your letters. One thing I noted was your “need” to become engaged. Don’t rush it. When the right girl comes along for you, you will know it. It is something that just happens out of the blue and something you cannot push. Good things come unto those who wait (patiently).

    I had misplaced an earring that I purchased when I was in Texas. I found it this morning and am very happy. It has different colored stones in it–turquoise, burnt orange, rust, lime green, and black. They go with so many articles of clothing, especially my rust tops of which I have two. So glad I found it.

    Yesterday I had an eye appointment to follow up on my glaucoma, which I have had for years. In 2013, I had a cataract removed and two months later I had glaucoma surgery because the pressure was very high in my left eye. My pressures now are 9 in that eye which is wonderful and no drops. The right eye fluctuates–it was 24 yesterday. I use two types of drops. I also have a cataract growing. When it becomes bothersome, the doctor will operate and do glaucoma surgery at the same time. He told me that they now have a procedure where they put in a stent to relieve the pressure. Sounds o.k. to me. In the meantime, I’ll keep on doing what i am doing. No problem. After that, I headed to the grocery store to get cat food, dropped that off at home, and then picked up a friend and we drove into Brookline to have lunch with our former minister and his wife. We had an awesome mushroom quiche, salad, and rolls followed by homemade fruit cake (which I had made for them last year and brought them a new one yesterday that I made in December which was laced with brandy and then soaked cheesecloth in brandy and wrapped the cake in that. It is soooo good and stays nice and moist). We had a lovely visit and left there about 3:45 getting home at dusk. I don’t care to drive in the dark because the lights bother me. I opt not to drive at night.

    Today, I am off to PT for my knees and then to Weight Watchers followed by lunch with my WW friends. I always look forward to my Fridays with my friends.

    Take care and know that I love you bunches.

    Love, Aunt Shirley

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