California Fun. And food. July 8-12

The start was admittedly not fun. Our plane left at 6 am, which meant waking up at 3:30. Some day I’m going to start packing before 11 pm, but not this time. I do love driving so early and seeing a state asleep, with everything yet to start for the day. 

We arrived in LAX at 7:30ish, and one of my travel companions, Glenn, rented a car, and I joined him and Angel and we were off to the office. Or to battle the infamous traffic. We were welcomed to a delicious breakfast, and I soon realized that I am blessed to be working for a company whose founders are undeniably foodies. 

Lunch was at the Taco Shack, and I ate a nice California burrito. The day was filled with onboarding tasks so lets get back to the good stuff: the food. Dinner was on our own, and we met up with our Utah manager, Ben, for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant where I tried the cheesesteak. 

Working in the office courtyard. I’m with Angel, Ben (the bald one) and Glenn

Because of my early departure and lackadaisical regard to bedtime during the fourth weekend, my head was pounding and despite taking tylenol, the pain wasn’t subsiding much. It was early to bed, and prayers for a quick recovery. 

Thankfully that did materialize and my head felt a lot better Tuesday. 

Food, food, a little work, more food. That sums up the week basically. I enjoyed hearing more of the company vision, and meeting my co-workers. The next few months here will be a lot of fun as we expand rapidly. They recently raised $15 million in an effort to make a big push these next few months. 

Bass with veggies and lemon yogurt. SO GOOD!
lunch at a Lebanese place. We also had lunch there Thursday. Tasty, but not so filling

Additionally, I was able to catch up on my sleep, read, write and in general live quite scrumptiously. It was a good change of pace to have a king sized bed, no roommates, no distractions, basically no expenditures on my time besides the whole 8-5 part.

Wednesday night, Aunt Janeen and Sam came down from Long Beach and I spent the evening with them. This was my favorite part of the trip, and I appreciate their efforts to come down and see me. We had a good time at Wahoo’s fish tacos and talking about everything that is happening in our lives and in the lives of those we love. Alas, I failed to take a picture to help record this memory. 

Our flight left at 7:50 pm Thursday and we arrived in Utah about 10:30. Turns out the highway was down to one lane, so the anticipated 45 minute drive took almost two hours. Knowing I’d be leaving for Texas in hours, I didn’t unpack, deciding to leave my dirty clothes in my suitcase and take the same things with me. 

I made it to work Friday morning and then headed with Ben to help run a booth at a little car show that was happening nearby. Our company had reserved a spot for this, so Ben and I went and set up some horseshoes and handed out drinks to realtors and loan officers and played against them while talking about ListReports. Finally, at 3:45, I was headed out of Utah. This was later than I had intended, so it was Lyft to the rescue, with me leaving my car in the work parking lot.  

My Lyft driver to the airport had moved to the US from Brasil only two years before and we talked in Portuguese the entire trip. I let him know that my brother had in fact just returned the day before from Campinas.  To be continued….


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