Break Every Yoke: Oct 28-Nov. 3

After a few weeks of really good Mondays, this one did not start the week off right. On my way home from work, someone rear-ended me on the freeway. I wasn’t terribly happy, and it was an avoidable accident to be sure. I’m guessing he was a bit distracted or something. We pulled over and checked it out, and there were only a few scratches on the bumper. We traded info, took a couple pictures, and promised to communicate if anything would need to be filed. I shook hands with Mr. Bradley Christensen, and hopped in to finish the drive home. And then had to work on cleaning the oven and fridge for cleaning checks. Our house normally stays pretty spic and span, but if there is a weak spot, its the oven, and fridge. (And bathtub). It took some time, but we ended up passing with flying colors the next day. FHE was cupcake decorating.

On Friday (completing what has been a two-week trio of car stories), leaving work, I was second in line to turn left at an intersection, hopping onto a thoroughfare. The turn signal turned green and the car in front of me went ahead before being torpedoed and t-boned by a car going about 60 mph. It seemed like something out of a movie, just vicious and violent. The other driver must have been completely out of it, as he blew through the red light, but didn’t even try slowing down. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the car that was t-boned had no passenger in the back, or it could have been much, much worse.

Wednesday after EQ meeting, I went to book club for the first time in a few weeks. As always, it was enjoyable. The three others who are consistently there, Karl, John, and Nicole, have become good friends. This week we finished Kant and have Hegel and Nietzsche left to finish the year and our philosophy section. The new year will start a turn on Shakespeare.

Facebook post from Dr. Scott night of: “A little fire, a little strudel, a little Kant. What’s not to love?”

Thursday was Halloween. While it continues to be my least favorite holiday, if I deigned to describe the day as such, a recent tradition has made it much more enjoyable. Halloween 2015, while serving in Tempe, our Yuma zone traveled to San Diego and visited the temple there. That was an unforgettable day, and I attend the temple every Halloween that I can. I left work early, and went to the Provo City Center temple for a session. Wonderful.

My LSAT class also didn’t meet that night, so it felt like I had much more time than usual. On Saturday, when I took my practice exam, I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong on the logical reasoning sections. Or rather, how to fix it. I’ve been overthinking the questions trying to get 2-3 more right. Which led to me missing double and triple that the last few weeks. So, I’ve gone back to sticking with my first choice, and working faster and sure enough, I’m back to missing 2-3. Which puts me in a good spot. Don’t fix what isn’t broken I suppose.

Four quick notes: 1. My homemade deodorant (coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, and essential oils) is fantastic! Much better than any store bought I’ve ever used. It smells great, doesn’t stain, and works!

2. I wrote a couple articles for the MaeserLaser, one on abortion, and the other on the democratic debate held recently. I’ll post as soon as they are published.

3. Uncle Ben+Aunt Joy and fam had the Hutchins clan over for dinner tonight. It was great! They also introduced us to Slapzies, a way fun group game.

4. Today, singleness hit hard. Most days I’m really good, and even when I’m not, eternal perspective and hope in general makes everything so much easier to deal with. “Thine adversity and thine affliction shall be but for a small moment.” I want to include that because I don’t want to sound like I’m looking for pity, I’m not (at least currently 🙂 ) but I think its important to record the tough times as well. I am thankful for trials as my own “thorn in the flesh” makes empathizing with others much easier. Empathy doesn’t come as naturally to me as I’d hope, and this lesson in trust and patience is definitely helping with that.

Finally, on Tuesday, Uncle Rich’s letter talked about Elder Gay teaching that “the number one goal of every EQP in the church should be to increase the number of temple worthy MPH.” That line pierced me, and since then I’ve thought and thought about the incredible blessings of the temple and what those priesthood holders are missing out on, and what the church is missing out, lacking those priesthood holders..

After all that car trouble the last two weeks, one last car reference, this time an analogy. MPH=miles per hour. MPH=melchizedek priesthood holders.

Some time ago, Elder Stevenson talked about the HOV lane, which is designed to get us to our destination safer and faster. For us, that means Humility, Obedience, Virtue. Those qualities will keep us safe and help guide us to eternal life.

Now, the Kingdom of God moves as the priesthood moves. I’ve seen it here, and I saw it in Brazil. The sisters will be faithful, they will fulfill their callings, pay tithing, and sacrifice to attend the temple. However, if the priesthood raises the bar, it is like a tide that lifts all boats. As the priesthood goes, so goes the church. As the MPH (melchezidek priesthood holders) goes up, the church will grow faster (MPH, miles per hour), fulfilling the prophecy in Daniel and filling the earth.

Here is what Pres. Harold B. Lee said in 1972: “We are discovering that the only way to get home teaching over, or to get family home evening going, or attendance at sacrament meeting, or to have more temple marriages, or temple attendance, is to make sure that the holder of the priesthood in the home magnifies his priesthood; and until he can realize the importance of the priesthood of God, which gives him the power of Almighty God to act through him, that home is not going to be secure.”

That’s going to be our focus now. I’ve talked with Bishop, we have our list of those to focus our ministering on, and we will wear their doormats out.

I testify that the temple is the House of the Lord, and “in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest.” The temple provides the means whereby families can be eternal. Pres. Nelson recently promised that as we keep a commitment to attend the temple regularly, we will experience the miracles that we need in our lives. That is a true promise from a true prophet of God. And preparing to attend the temple and attending will help prepare us for the Savior’s Second Coming. Let us be a temple going people.



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  1. Thank you , Hunter, for your focus on the temple and the power of the priesthood. Also, I appreciated the emphasis on the EQP in leading his brothers in becoming more temple worthy. This applies to RSPs too. Thanks again for your inspirational message.
    I hope you continue doing well on your LSATs and just being Hunter!

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